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Jesus was the single most famous apocalypticist of the Common Era. Christians are masters of psychological terror. Southern Baptists tend to use it as their primary tool in spreading the Gospel (which, interestingly enough, means "Good news").
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If you notice any errors, or just want to complain, feel free to E-MAIL ME. If you say something substantive, I'll make an effort to reply with something substantive.
Don't expect much from this website. I just started it, I may or may not pursue it. Given the amount of free time I have though, I just might.

Just a note on why I chose the name "Stupefaction;" It means perplexed. I classify myself as an agnostic atheist, emphasis on agnostic. In other words, I try to show that I'm humble in my search for truth; ultimately unbiased, or try to be. Don't e-mail me with stupid ad hominem attacks that run something like, "So Stupid-faction, if you're so humble, why do you diss Christianity?" I often find myself typing in /stupidfaction_04 when I want to come to the site, for whatever reason. Besides, if you do e-mail with some obtuse remark such as the above, I'll simply delete your e-mail once I've stopped busting my gut laughing at your pitiable ad hominem attacks.