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Welcome to --THE PAGE-- You ended up clicking here and, well frankly, I dont know if I should say GREAT JOB or YOU FOOL! But one way or another, I can still say "Stay around for a while, bother to click on the links that took us several heart burning hours of pain stakingly slow computers to create" (No joke, most of this was done at school to pass a silly assignment, and the transfer speed! If you had it at home you would go on a killing spree) Sorry I started wondering of into details there, but I didn't mean to express the tradigity (<- Elrick, what the heck is that word meant to be?) that is this page, so... In short, will quit with the blabbin' and start with the "Page show'n" so, GOOD LUCK!
Now your probably wondering what your going to find here, well the answer to that is NOTHING! Nah just kidding, to start there is Suvivor, Stuff, Classic crap (Must remember to edit that out), The credits, A cool Story and as per usal alot of funky songs and music in the background which I must sadly give a tiny bit of credit to real player people, but thats not that important so I'll get to that some other time...*cough* next year. Oh sorry, bad cough I have there.
Ok, back to reality, The history of this page is some what boring and unintresting so I'll make it snappy, Myself and Kev are in a class called "Internet Web Publishing" so we have to do all sorts of stuff, but we eventuley realised that the only two great minds would have to work together to get anywere. This page has sort of built up from scratch and is always updated, it has no real purpose, but you might find it very entertaining in its massive level of stupidity. So have fun ^_^


Here is our site, it may be cool, pointless, stupid or what ever you wanna call it. But its here, and your looking at it so its all your fault! Heh.

Got any problems or whatever, just visit the credits section and mail it to us, we will get to it right away, unless we are too lazy or currently in a state of void.



Hopfully you will have real player, then you can listen to the music in the background

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All Notes in red text are the sole property of "Kev", and he gives you his personal guarantee that Elrick had nothing to do with them, they are his own property and will remain that way. As for a basic layout of the page, all Elrick's twisted mind, his idea's and his designs, I just edit as many typoes as I can spot in ten minutes, fix the odd coding error, and just generally hang around so it doesn't look like Elrick is operating on his own ideas (He needs someone else to blame, that is where I come in) Well, I'll leave you to it, have fun and remember, it was all HIS fault, heh.