Stupid OS
Chronological Proceedings
Dec 12 2001:  
    Makefile written. Everything combined together. Oooooh! It took us around four hours to make the code run to perfection.
Dec 11 2001:  
    PIC initialization completed. Seems like a few code improvisation required. We need to combine all the code together for a successful run.
Dec 10 2001:  
    Preliminary print function coded and PIT code tested successfully. Few naming conventions evolved. Good going!
Dec 08 2001:  
    Coded functions to get system date and time from CMOS and also coded a C cover-up for in and out port funcions. PIT initialization function coded but not tested.
Dec 07 2001:  
    Loaded permanent GDT and IDT with C code. They weren't combined but each one ran successfully but separately.
Dec 06 2001:  
    Solved all those problems with C code. Crushed our nuts on gcc and ld. That was real good day.
Dec 05 2001:  
    Successfully jumped to C code and a sample C code compiled and run from our assembly code. Faced a few problems.
Nov 28 2001:  
    We had a discussion on modularizing Stupid. That was a real useful discussion.
Nov 26 2001:  
    Semester Exams got over just now. Back to the Stupid Square. Minds afresh and we hope to start our work tomorrow. 
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