Welcome, everyone, to 8-ball Comics!  Any of you remember stupidsonic.com?  Well I'm the old owner of that, Kevin Huff!  Now I'm making a new comic, and this is it.  Enjoy the stay at my site, and remember, corn is only as good as the farmer that craps it out.
Linke me!
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Really sorry for not updating, people.  I was gonna update yesterday, but before I could update, I went to my dad's house, and I always like to see my dad.  But I do have TONS of crap up now.  I started a new comic called River City Smash, based on the old Nintendo game, River City Ransom.  I will make them occasionally, since they are longer than normal comics, and I will do 8-ball more often than it.  I also put up TONS of new sprite sheets up on the sprites page from River City Ransom.  Go check them out.  One new affiliate too.  Go NOW!!!  NOOOOWWW!!!