Best of Mean Mitch Page Vs Corporal Robinson (Fued of 2001)( 2nd gen. sound quality is bad)
1. Balcony Death Match
2. No Rope Barbed Wire Hot Coals & Lit Cigarettes Match
3. No Rope Barbed Wire Electric Light Bulb Match
4. Six Man Tag - No Rope Exploding Barbed Wire Match
5. Pool Of Leeches Match
6. 232 Light Tube Match
7. 3 Way Dance With Sick Nick Mondo - Fans Bring The Weapons
8. House Of Horrors

ULTIMATE REY MYSTERIO (1st generation)
JRRey Misterio Jr. vs. Psicosis÷WAR
Rey Jr. vs. Juvintud Guerrera÷2 out of 3÷ECW
Rey Jr. & Ultimo Dragon vs. Psicosis & Heavy Metal÷LA
Rey Jr. & Sr. & Lizmark vs. Psicosis & La Parka & Espectro÷AAA
Rey Jr. & 911 vs. Eliminators÷ECW
Rey Jr. vs. Psicosis÷WAR J-Cup
Rey Jr. vs. Juvintud Guerrera÷Cage AAA
Rey Jr. vs. Psicosis÷Mexican Death Match ECW
Rey Jr. & Konnan vs. Psicosis & La Parka÷ECW
Rey Jr. & Dragon & Storm & Yasuroka vs. Liger & Juvi & Jericho & Gedo÷WAR