Bloody Barbed Wire Best (1st Generation)
1. Matsunaga/Nakamaki/Jason The Terrible/Masked GK vs Pogo/Shadow WX/Shadow Winger/ShadowVII (Big Born Ultimate Death Match)
2. Pogo/Shadow WX vs Nakamki/Okano (barbed wire board match)
3. Matsunaga/Jason The Terrible/Nakamaki vs Pogo/Shadow WX/Shadow Winger (falls count anywhere)
4. Pogo vs Nakamaki (barbed wire board bunkhouse match)
5. Pogo/Shadow V vs Nakamaki/Kojika (Dry Ice casket match)
6. Great Pogo Clips
7. Pogo vs Kojika (anything goes)
8. Nakamaki/Yamakawa vs Goto/Mr X (no rope barebd wire coffin match)
9. Matsunaga vs Yamakawa (fire stones match)
10. Big Japan Team vs Goto/Mr X (lights out barbed wire lightbulb match)
11. ?/Yamakawa vs Shadow Winger/Shadow WX (Street Fight)
12. Jason The Terrible/Masked GK vs Pogo/Shadow VII
13 Matsunaga/Goto vs Nakamaki/Yamakawa (8000 Volt Bug Zapper Match)
14. Kojika/Nakamaki vs Pogo/Shadow V (lights out lightbulb 100,000 Yen ladder match)
15. Matsunaga/Kojika vs Nakamaki Yamakawa (lights out barbed wire glass board double hell death match)
16. Matsunaga/Kojika vs Nakamaki/Yamakawa (circus barbed wire trampoline scaffold death match)
17. Matsunaga/Kojika vs Nakamaki/Yamakawa (lights out barbed wire glass match....FAN CAM)

Blood lightbulbs and tumbtacks (1st Generation)

Mr Pogo/ Nakamaki vs Nagasaki.Kojika (Street fight barbed wire board match)
Nagasaki/Yamakawa vs Nakamaki/Axl Rotten (exploding ballon thumbtack match)
Nakamaki/Matsunaga vs Nagasaki/Yamakawa (no rope barbedwire scaffold street elimination match)
Nagasaki vs Matsunaga (piranha death match)
Matsunaga vs Nakamaki (no rope barbedwire chandelier barbedwire baseball bat drum death match)
6. Matsunaga vs Nakamaki (Scorpion cactus death match)
7. Matsunaga/Tarzan Goto vs Nakamaki/Yamakawa (barbedwire board lightbulb death match)
8. Matsunaga vs Yamakawa (no rope barbed wire fire stones death match)
9. Nakamaki/Yamakawa vs Goto/Mr. X (no rope barbed wire death match)
10. Nakamaki/Yamakawa vs Goto/Mr X (no rope barbed wire thumbtack match)
11. Nakamaki/Yamakawa vs Goto/Mr X (barbed wire lightbulb death match)
12. Great Pogo vs Nakamaki (Bunkhouse death match)
13. Nakamaki/Kojika vs Pogo/Shadow V (lights out bunkhouse match)
14. Nakamaki/Kojika vs Pogo/ Shadow V (street fight dry ice casket match)
15. Nakamaki/Takashi Okano vs Pogo/Shadow V (barbed wire board street figth match)
16. Nakamaki/Kojika vs Pogo/Shadwo V (lightbulb match)
17. Pogo vs Nakamaki (anything goes match)
18. Nakamaki/Masked GK/Matsunaga/Jason The Terrible vs Pogo/Shadow WX/Shadow Winger/Shadwo VII (Utimate Death Match)

Year end Sensation (1st Generation)
CZW has left Big Japan! But they went out with a blast!(literally.)The 12/5/01 show is one of the best Big Japan shows of the year! Matsunaga finally retires in one of his bloodiest bouts in years! Watch Matsunaga take on Zandig in an exploding glass, thumbtack, lightbulb, barbed wire bat street fight! Matsunaga gets his head set on fire and CZW leaves Big Japan! There is also a 200 lightbulb tag team street fight starring Mad Man Pondo, Wife Beater, and everyone's favorite wrestler, Jun Kasai! Shadow WX takes on Hidoh in a barbed wire board street fight. Terry Funk and Great Kojika both return to the ring and even an interpromotional match between Zero One and BJPW takes place!

5/30/99 (1st Generation)
1. Kyoko Ichiki/Tanny Mouse vs. Chiharu Nakano/Yuka Nakamura
2. Kamikaze vs. Daikokubo Benkei
3. Winger/Masayoshi Motegi vs. Jun Kasai/Shunme Matsuzaki
4. Mens Teioh vs. Abdullah Jr. Kobayashi
5. Tomoaki Honma vs. Mike Samples
6. Shadow WX vs. Ryuji Yamakawa -(No Roped Barbed Wire fire, pinfalls count anywhere, lightbulb board,casket full of lightbulbs death match for the Big Japan Death Match Title. )