My Want List
My want list is of stuff i rilly want  and  i probaly mised some stuf i want caz im an idiot if its not listed that i want it then email me caz u might have some thing i want and i just forgot to put it on here
-I don't want any thing in really POOR quality
-PUNK ROCK STUF CD, records, posters if  you have it I want it, and when I say   PUNK ROCK I'm not talking about that Blink 182 shit I mean the real stuff
-All episodes of the Punk Rock Show from MUCH MUSIC
-Any thing I Don't have I wount
-No WWF WWE that sucks ass
-Fighting Tapes (Pride UFC shit like that)
-Episodes of jackass, sledg hammer, trigger happy tv
-Home made jackass tapes
-Backyard wrestling tapes
-if its good quality and its not wwf or i dont have it then i wount it