Fortress Scientific Scooter Repair Update

updated 11/21/03
Many years ago, Fortress Scientific abandoned the USA market, leaving 
behind many scooters and wheelchairs without support.  I discuss this in 
greater detail in my Selecting a Power Chair essay.  

The company went broke, shut down, then split into two separate companies- 
one for scooters and one for power chairs.  Neither supported older 
equipment or the USA market.  Both had closed their operations, I was told.

At a MEDTRADE trade show a few years ago, a company was exhibiting that is 
not only using the Fortress name, but is also marketing the very 
popular Fortress Scientific FS2000 scooter of yesteryear (retro???).

They are selling the FS2000 as well as other "Fortress" branded 
scooters.  They claim that they are also supporting the older FS2000 
scooters  and other older Fortress scooters  with parts, manuals, 
diagrams, and technical support.

They are NOT supporting the older Fortress power chairs (or selling 
Fortress brand power chairs)!

The name of the company is "Moving People.Net"

To contact this company call:
  416-739-8333  (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
  416-739-6622 (fax)

  500 Norfinch Drive
  Toronto, Ontario M3N 1Y4, Canada

website:  A new window will open.  USA and Canadian Fortress
Scooter owners should click on the Canadian flag (third from top) on the right side of the


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