The Luftwaffe at Kursk

4 July 1943

Luftflotte 6, in support of Army Group Center
I, III, IV/JG 51Fw 190A-4/5Orel
15.(span.)/JG 51Fw 190ASeschtschinskaja
I/JG 54Fw 190A-2Orel
II/KG 4He 111H-16 Seschtschinskaja
III/KG 4He 111H-16Karatchev
II, III/KG 51Ju 88A-4Bryansk
I, III/KG 53He 111H-16Olsufjevo
IV/NJG 5Bf 110GSeschtschinskaja?
I, II, III/StG 1Ju 87DOrel
10. (Pz.)/StG 2Ju 87G
I/ZG 1Bf 110GBryansk
Luftflotte 4, in support of Army Group South
II/JG 3Bf 109G-4Kharkov-Roganj
III/JG 3Bf 109G-4Besonovka
I/JG 52Bf 109GBesonovka
III/JG 52Bf 109GUgrim/Mikoyanovka?
III/KG 1Ju 88A-4Bryansk or Seschtschinskaja?
I, II/KG 3Ju 88A-4Seschtschinskaja?
I, II/KG 27He 111H-16Dnepropetrovsk
III/KG 27He 111H-16Kharkov-Voitschenko
II, III/KG 55He 111H-16Kharkov/Stalino
14. (Eis.)/KG 55He 111H/Ju 88C-6Poltava
I/KG 100He 111H-6/11/16Poltava
1., 2., 3., 5., 6./SchG 1Fw 190A/FBesonovka
7./SchG 1Hs 123AVarvarovka or Besonovka
Pz.Jä.St./JG 51, 8. (Pz)/SchG 1Hs 129BMikoyanovka or Varvarovka
4. (Pz)/SchG 1, 4. (Pz), 8. (Pz)/SchG 2Hs 129BVarvarovka
I, II, III/StG 2Ju 87DKrestowoi
I, II, III/StG 77Ju 87DBogodukhov?
2. repülodandár (Hungarian)
5/I vadászosztályBf 109F-4/G-2Kharkov-Voitschenko
3/1. bombázó-századJu 88A-4Kharkov


The Fw 190s of the northern wing totalled 140 of which 88 were serviceable on 10 July.
There were 80 Hs 129s present of which 68 were serviceable before the battle began. II and III/JG 3 had a total of 73 Bf 109Gs on 1 July.


The Hungarians numbered only one bomber and two fighter squadrons, excluding reconnaissance units. Some sources credit II/JG 54 flying from Orel with Bf 109Gs as being present. One source has 15. (span.)/JG 51 flying Bf 109s during the battle. Much thanks to Pawel Burchard for correcting my initial version.

A German ground OB in German.

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