Stutts Strawbale Home

Montevallo, Alabama

Home of Mickey, Pam and Emily Stutts

Construction started in October 1992

Mickey Stutts standing on rammed earth filled tire wall leaning on first section of straw bale wall. The west, north, south exterior walls, as well as, two main walls inside have a 3 foot rammed earth filled tire wall with compressed straw bales finishing the upper portion of the walls.

East view of House showing uncovered strawbales. The East Wall is the only wall that does not have a foundation of rammed earth tires. The eastern side of the house has a concrete foundation. All walls have 4x4 post between the bales. A key plate or top plate compress the straw bales and are tied to the foundation with metal rods running through the bales..

Eastern view after first coat of mud. The stucco mud is made up of concrete and red clay. The windows shown here look into the dinning room and kitchen.

Southern end of the house. This the patio and main family entrances into the house. Two sets of double doors. One set under the covered porch leads into the dinning room and kitchen while the other set of doors leads into the family room and kitchen.

South East Corner. Showing the Dinning room windows, covered porch

Meg and Pete slapping on the mud to the southern end of the house. Thanks Meg, thanks Pete...thanks to everyone for their help and support through out this ten year plus project. Dozens of Pam's and Mickey's friends helped with the building of this house over the years.

This is a picture of the unfinished interior. Shows the tire and straw wall of the "Middle U" which will become a living room/multi-function room.

This picture shows the dining area and french doors leading out under the porch. 80% of the floors are on a concrete slab. The eastern portion is on wooden joist to allow for plumbing. Mickey didn't care for the idea of his plumbing running through a it isn't. The house main construction took over ten years, so the plans changed as it went along. The open joist area allowed the plumbing to be flexible as ideas developed and plans changed.

The joy of plumbing. Supply lines are copper while all drains are pvc.


First Concrete counter top.

The beginning of the end. Sheet rock for the ceiling arrives from lowes. The covered porch provided the perfect spot to store the sheet rock since it took several months to complete the install.

The main bathroom. Tiled and plumbed. The pedistal sink delivered by Ray and Carol Frye, purchased from Habitat for Humanity's RESTORE in Huntsville, Alabama.

Alabama Power Connects the Electricity Valentine's Day 2003

The dinning room....bright with sunshine November 2004.

The Stutts moved into their new home August 2003. Though still completing some finishing work of the house. The house still progresses on a weekly basis. Further picture updates and more complete details of construction will be posted in the near future.

Floor Plan

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