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Welcome to my new and not really that improved page... but in the 4, no 10 years i haven't updated it (and you probably haven't seen my page anyway) I've changed a little...

Hopeline: 1-800-394-HOPE

Need someone to talk with who cares?

If you are 13-21, the Hopeline is for you. Hopeline is open Monday thru Friday 2 PM - 9 PM CST (After school is the rule.) and Saturday and Sunday 6 PM - 12 AM CST.
(If you are struggling with depression, suicide, sexual addictions, loneliness - among other things, this is the place to call!)

The Prayer Room
The Hopeline and The Prayer Room are part of the Ministry of Dawson McAllister. The Prayer room is a great resource for teens and young adults who need spiritual and emotional help. Please come visit if you have any other needs that can be prayed for.
Teen Mania
A Christian Resource for Teens, Teen Mania offers an community for teens.
Joyce Meyer Ministries
Log on to Joyce Meyer Ministries , I beleive this to be a good source of Wisdom and Spiritual Guidance.  Should you need a prayer request Fill out this form.
Open Door Ministries
Open Door Ministies is a Vision to reach countless teenagers at their turf: the mall.  Its mission: "By positioning the ministry in the midst of the community and in a commonplace environment, we desire to be a catalyst to bring about significant and positive change to families and the community we live in by demonstrating the hope, truth and love of Jesus Christ."
Oakland Christian Church
Oakland Christian Church is the current church I'm attending. If you're looking for a new church and live in the Detroit Metro Area come give us a try!
Thirty Second Kneel Down
How BOLD do you feel today?  The Thirty Second Kneel Down challenges you to bring prayer back into schools... Voluntarily!
Live Ministries
Check out some cool, cutting edge, but uplifting messages by clicking here! 'Nuff Said.

java.sun.com API and resources.

Michigan State University  (Where I currently attend.)

Michigan State Department of Computer Science

SENS  (I currently conduct my research here for my Master's and PhD.)

Alma College  (my Alma Mater!)

Department of Computer Science

University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus (I have worked here a couple of summers)

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

My Latest Addiction!!! (Proceed with caution.)

If you understand spanish, here's a little short story I wrote in that language, for a competition, If you are interested, then please read it!

Si desea leer un pequeño cuento en escrito español que había hecho para una competencia, si le interesa, por favor lea. J'ai comprends français aussi, mais c'est un peu.

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