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What is this site all about?

To give you a brief rundown of the history of this site, I would have to say that I am not the original owner of this site.  It was given to me by somebody who no longer had the time to manage this site.  I just happen to be the first one to contact him and promise him $5000 and a lifelong supply of Turtlewax™ for it. be honest, I didn't exactly offer any money, nor do I own any Turtlewax™, so a part of my story is a fib.  But rest assured, everything else I say from now on will be perfectly true.

Stop rambling.  What's this site really about?

Sorry, now to get back on topic, this site was originally dedicated to an unrealistically nice looking borg who is also clever and witty and is probably someone you would want to bring home to mom.  But then again, there are a lot of other nice Seven of Nine sites out there, and I would rather have this place be a place where one is free to talk about anything that has to do with Star Trek.  Wait, that's probably been covered, too.  So while I give the contents of this site some more thought, I'll just let this place be whatever you want it to be :)

General Rant and Rave Section


    Complaint #1 - I have seen all the Voyager episodes.  I started watching the fall of '99, and since they were showing reruns at 10:00 pm every night on UPN44, every episode was new to me...that is until a few months ago when I realized that there is such a thing as a rererun and rererere...well you get the idea.  My guess is that the lifespan of Voyager is only good for about 2 more seasons at best, unless of course they bring in Tia Carrere or Sung Hi Lee or Mena Suvari, etc. to pump up the ratings even more.  Imagine two female borgs on Voyager....~drool~.  Too bad they had to let Kes go.  As my friend said, she's got a heck of a voice.  Plus, it seems to me that Voyager could use some more people with telepathic skills now that good old Mr. Sudor, the only Betazoid that Voyager has ever known (brief appearances of Counselor Troi aside), has passed away.

    Fury - Boy, I was really expecting a nice comeback by Kes in this episode.  In fact, ANY episode that involves Tachyon particles never fails to fascinate me.  However, let it be known that this particular episode did.  All that havoc that Kes wreaks on board Voyager and nothing to show for it afterward.  Of course, we can't afford to lose B'Elana, but the ending just seemed a tad too ... corny?  But then again, isn't that the same with countless other episodes in Voyager?  Oh well, it's the few awesome episodes that do it for me.  Like anything that has to do with Species 8472.



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