Gates Of Paradise
The Saga of
Kathryn Janeway
Commander Chakotay
This is MY page of fan ficton. I began to write Janeway and Chakotay fan fic about a year ago.  These are  all of the stories I have posted on my JetC Groups.  They are rated from G to PG-13.  If you are looking for NC-17 it will not be here, look else where.
Fan Fiction:
Is There Life After Love
She's Just Looking For Him
The Heart Won't Lie
Going Home
I Will Always Love You Home Ain't Where His Heart Is
Carrosaul of Time
One Voice The River and the Highway
The Gift Of Love
I Volunteer
Recapture the Dream Palomino

My Talent Night Collection:
'Til I Said It To You
Raining on Our Love
Still Holding On
I'll Be
Wrong Again
I've Got This Friend
Fan Fiction On It's Way:
Don't Worry they will come...
Serial Fan Fic:
If I Only Had Your Heart
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Coral Leane Fan Fic:
A Dying Wish
Quarrels and Quibblings
Last Time Zapping The Vulcan
Say You Will Be Mine
I Am Kathryn's Real Self
Only A Moment
Rule 113
Written All Over His Face
Food Fight
RhMcCoy Fan Fic Series:
Path Of Thorns
The Parent Trap
The Trouble With Angels In Another's Eyes
This Side Of The Mirror
The Blue Crystal
RhMcCoy Fan Fic:
Blue Lamp Two Kinds Of Love The Greatest Man I Never Knew
Street Angel
Say We'll Meet Again Bleed To Love Her
Watching The Castle Fall Down Sweet Haven
Holiday Fan Fic
Breath of Heaven
The Christmas Guest
The Christmas List
Last Kiss
Coda Resolutions
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