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Banner ministry

Why banners?  Because banners communicate through our hands the love we have in sharing our God given gift, with all who can receive a message through them from our lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The banner ministry was started in 1995 when St Wins was blessed with the arrival of the new minister and his wife and two sons, Don, Jane, John and Paul Scrooby.  We had one banner which had been made a few years previously and it was used by the church when it was needed to play any particular part e.g. On the odd march, otherwise it hung in the church, with the three others that had been made for the hall.

Jane decided that it would be a very good idea to get the ladies together and see what reaction there would be to a banner ministry.  The response was very good and two groups were started, the Saturday ladies and the Wednesday ladies.  Jane then proceeded to teach them all how to do the banners, and I must say a very good teacher indeed, she also managed to delegate the leading of the banner group very subtly, then quietly slipped out of the picture, but all the beautiful banners that are seen in St. Wins are due to the vision of this lovely lady.  Thank you Jane!”

by Anne Hollinshead

Click on any banner for a larger image
bannr05.jpg (37558 bytes) bannr12.jpg (36230 bytes) bannr17.jpg (40577 bytes)
Penticost banner, the first banner made by the Wednesday ladies 1996 “Praise and Worship” by Jane 1996 New Creation confirmands Jane 1996
bannr07.jpg (34489 bytes) bannr08.jpg (40640 bytes) bannr10.jpg (44398 bytes)
Easter banner Good Friday with Jane Saturday ladies 1996 Easter banner Easter Sunday with Jane Wednesday ladies 1996 Trinity banner Wednesday ladies 1996
bannr31.jpg (40651 bytes) bannr09.jpg (31728 bytes) bannr27.jpg (34814 bytes)
Palm Sunday 1996 Blessings Harvest Festival Wednesday ladies 1996 Christmas advent banner 1996
bannr26.jpg (38087 bytes) bannr24.jpg (42044 bytes) bannr23.jpg (45759 bytes)
Christmas advent banner 1996 Christmas advent banner 1996 Christmas advent banner 1996
bannr13.jpg (43506 bytes) bannr14.jpg (43583 bytes) bannr15.jpg (29811 bytes)
John 15 “I am the true vine” by Tuesday ladies 1997 ohn 15 “My Father is gardener” by Wednesday ladies 1997 Worship banner by Tuesday ladies 1997
bannr16.jpg (47628 bytes) bannr21.jpg (40101 bytes) bannr06.jpg (43396 bytes)
“Rejoice” in memory of James Purchase by Wednesday ladies 1997 Our Mission statement by Wednesday ladies 1997 Made for the confirmands “Broken mirror” by Tuesday ladies 1997
bannr22.jpg (57404 bytes) bannr25.jpg (41215 bytes) bannr32.jpg (36355 bytes)
A.W.A. 50 years banner by Wednesday ladies 1998 “Last Supper” by Wednesday ladies 1998 A.W.A. “to know Christ make Him known by Wednesday ladies 1998
bannr28.jpg (54801 bytes) bannr04.jpg (54125 bytes) bannr20.jpg (52054 bytes)
Mission banner by Su Harris 1999 Made for the Church Conference 1999 by Wednesday ladies Funeral banner by Wednesday ladies 1999
bannr29.jpg (49967 bytes) bannr30.jpg (49599 bytes) bannr02.jpg (64939 bytes)
Worship banner by E.W.A. 1999 Mission banner by Anne Hollinshead Made by the E.W.A.
bannr03.jpg (68094 bytes) bannr11.jpg (49766 bytes) bannr19.jpg (41964 bytes)
Made by the E.W.A. Childrens Church by Wednesday ladies 2000 Baptism banner by Wednesday ladies 2000
bannr18.jpg (49768 bytes) bannr01.jpg (53735 bytes)
Wedding banner by Wednesday ladies 2000 Made for the confirmands 2000.  Galatians 5 “To be set free from chains”, by Wednesday ladies
Pulpit hangings
pulhng1.jpg (42786 bytes) pulhng2.jpg (18369 bytes)
Pulpit Pulpit wedding

This page was last edited on 16 February, 2001