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The Episodes

Listed by episode number. Watch for more to be added in the distant future.

Batman: The Animated Series

The original cartoon started in 1992 and aired on Fox

1. On Leather Wings
2. Christmas With The Joker
3. Nothing to Fear
4. The Last Laugh
5. Pretty Poison
6. The Underdwellers
7. P.O.V
8. The Forgotten
9. Be A Clown
10. Two Face (I)
11. It's Never Too Late
12. I've Got Batman In the Basement
13. The Cat and The Claw
14. Heart of Ice
15. See No Evil
16. The Cat and The Claw (II)
17. Two Face (II)
18. Beware The Gray Ghost
19. Prophecy of Doom
20. Feat of Clay (I)
21. Feat of Clay (II)
22. Joker's Favor
23. Vendetta
24. Fear Of Victory
25. The Clock King
26. Appointment In Crime Alley
27. Mad As A Hatter
28. Dreams of Darkness
29. Eternal Youth
30. Perchance To Dream
31 The Cape and the Cowl Conspiracy
32. Robin's Reckoning(I)
33. The Laughing Fish
34. Night of The Ninja
36. The Strange Secret Of Bruce Wayne
37. Robin's Reckoning(II)
39. If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?
40. Joker's Wild
43. Day of the Samurai
46. Almost Got 'Im
47. Birds Of A Feather
48. What Is Reality?
50. Off Balance
51. The Man Who Killed Batman
60. His Silicon Soul
64. Read My Lips
65. The Worry Men

The Adventures of Batman & Robin

The same as BTAS, only with Robin in nearly every episode

68. Trial
69. Avatar
70. House And Garden
75. Bane
79. Riddler's Reform
80. Second Chance
81. Harley's Holiday
82. Lock-Up
83. Make 'Em Laugh
84. Deep Freeze
85. Batgirl Returns

The New Batman Adventures

The show moved to the WB and got a new look reminscent of Superman: The Animated Series. Dick Grayson is now Nightwing and a kid, Tim Drake, currently dons the Robin suit. Barbara Gordon whose alias is Batgirl has officially joined the crimefighting team.

10. The Demon Within
11. Over The Edge
22. Judgement Day
23. Beware the Creeper
24. Mad Love

Batgirl, Batman, Robin and Nightwing

Batman Beyond

Several decades later, the aging Bruce Wayne reluctantly gives up the cape and cowl to the teenager, Terry McGinnis. Gotham City receives a futuristic look as well as some formidable new villains.

12. Disappearing Inque
44. Out of the Past

The Batman

A completely separate show from the rest with different voice talent (*Kevin Conroy is unfortunately not Batman*) and a different set of crew working on the latest cartoon version of the Caped Crusader. It has only been three years since Bruce Wayne decided to become Batman and the various members of the rogue gallery are just beginning to emerge.

I will try to watch the new episodes as they come on television although I missed many by forgetting what time this show is on. I think Kids WB changed the time slot to 7:30 am (impossibly early!). Otherwise, it is still on Saturday mornings. Let me just say that I got a bad, bad impression from episodes that I did see. I mean, you have a Bruce Wayne that looks like Jackie Chan's long lost brother and a backwards step in character development for Mr. Freeze, who is now just a two bit crook. Ah well, at least The Edge performs the theme song. U2 and Batman = coolness

1. The Bat In The Belfry
2. Traction
3. Call of the Cobblepot
4. The Man Who Would Be Bat
5. The Big Chill
6. The Cat and The Bat
7. The Big Heat
8. Q&A

Bring on the Batman!