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Updates for Anyone Who Cares

October 6, 2005 - Fixed some design errors. Added episodes for BTAS: POV, The Forgotten, The Underdwellers, Be A Clown
October 2, 2005 - I'm back!!!!!!!!!! The site is not dead, after all. Yay! I borrowed Volume 1 of the BTAS dvd collection from a friend and being an uber geek, I have spent last week filling in the gaps for the episodes that I haven't watched yet. I listed every episode from Volume 1 from The Underdwellers to Dreams in Darkness. Also, I managed to wake up in time to see the last 10 minutes of Part 2 of The Batman episode where Batgirl makes her first appearance, and another Batgirl-related episode in all its entirety. It will take a long time before I can add information for any of the above. Stay tuned.
August 30, 2005 - Added episodes for BTAS: Pretty Poison, What is Reality?, Off Balance
August 24, 2005 - Added episodes for BTAS: The Last Laugh and The Man Who Killed Batman and Beware the Creeper for TNBA
August 19, 2005 - Added episode Disappearing Inque for Batman Beyond
August 17, 2005 - Added images for TNBA, Gotham Knights, Batman Beyond, and The Batman; Added episodes for BTAS Read My Lips and The Worry Men, and for The Adventures of Batman and Robin: House and Garden, Bane
August 16, 2005 - major website design changes; help wanted message posted in forum
August 9, 2005 - Added episodes for BTAS: If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?, Day Of The Samurai and for The Batman: Q&A, some design errors fixed, some lame captions for images
August 6, 2005 - Added episodes for Batman TAS: Birds of A Feather, His Silicon Soul and for The Adventures of Batman and Robin: Avatar, Deep Freeze
August 5, 2005 - Each show gets its own page now and all the images have been moved to a separate directory.
July 31, 2005 - This is getting tedious after a while, inserting basic premise, review, etc into every episode. My Batman fandom is waning the longer I work at this site, but I still have some enthusiasm left to keep going. It will take a long long time before the number of episodes I've added catch up to the ones I have watched.
July 30, 2005 - 11 episodes done in one day.
July 29, 2005 - Site is up and running! The links work. Wheeeee!