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“Everyone knows about PR - and that it seems to consist mainly of....attending parties and having your photo taken, like Meg Gallagher - but it's not all parties and glamour, dah-ling! Click here to read more...

Working in the media sounds glamorous, exciting and fast-paced and no matter how that stereotype differs from reality, thousands are applying for entry to communications courses with the aim of pursuing journalism and public relations careers. But are jobs to be found on graduation? Click here to read more...

The most common perceptions of the public relations field (PR) usually fall under two umbrellas. Many people equate PR with deceptive "spin doctors" who bend - and sometimes completely ignore - the truth to advance the motives of their client. Other people perceive PR to be a glamorous field, in which its practitioners hob-knob with the rich and famous and jet from one gala to the next.  Click here to read more...

You need a high standard of personal appearance. In common with other advertising and marketing-related careers, public relations has a glamorous image that is attractive to large numbers of graduates. Click here to read more...

A career in public relations can be glamorous, as you often work with interesting and influential people such as celebrities or politicians. As an added benefit, according to the Council of Public Relations Firms freelance public relations can earn up to $85,000 or more per year. Finally, there is a huge sense of personal satisfaction in planning a public relations project, implementing that plan, and seeing the results. Click here to read more...




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