Sup nuccas?  Well if ya wanna know a little about me, read on...
I'm 19, jus got done movin states.  I
am into poetry, psychology, graphic design, and I love music.  I have a boyfriend of 4 years.  I smoke, drink on ocassion, and thas about it. I have a 1996 white Dodge Intrepid that sucks azz.  Hopefully I'll have  new honda soon.  My favorite movies are: Friday, Next Friday, Half Baked, Baby Boy, Fast and The Furious, A Man Apart, Lord of the Rings and The Matrix.  My favorite music artists are: Capone, SPM, Kid Frost, Twin Beredaz, and I have many more but too many to name.  Well that's all I'll say for now, if ya wanna chat more hit me up on yahoo under suavecita_bonita or on cpixel under freaky_azz_guera.  Oh and I like playin pool on yahoo, so if ya wanna getcha ass kicked lemme know and we'll play a game or two!
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