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Maveric's Interview

1) Why did you become a CO?what religion?
I became the CO of Pantheos, cause Crys quit the job, 
and umm...There was noone else who would have suited 
better for the position at that time... Well at least 
in the eyes of DarkShadow. I guess I was working my ass 
off as the Archon also.

2) How long have you been a CO?
To be honest, I don't know. I'm guessing 6 months or so. 

3) When did you become CO?
When? Well, in 2004 somewhere. 

4) what has been your favorite moment while you were CO?
Hahaa... I don't know really, there have been many. The 
Pantheos-Takhisis-Morrigu alliance was a whole lot of fun 
for the whole 4 minutes it lasted. Maybe when Sassy yelled
at me to take away all my CO stuff? OH! When I crowned 
Kentaro as a Protector and accidentally banished Milenko, 
my CR =) That was freaking funny anyway.

5) What was your worst moment?
Worst? Dunno to be honest, there's nothing that bad about 
the job.

6) How does it feel ruleing over so many people?
It's fun. And I don't have all that many people to rule over 
I think. I have some, and they are all mad cool. And I love 
being able to offically pimp out Kentaro now.

7) Has ruleing a religion changed your (ooc) life?
Hmm... Maybe it has... I was flying to Sicily I think, and 
I read some financial magazine. There was something about 
running a company in there, and my twisted mind somehow linked 
that to running a rel and I tried to get ideas how to make Pantheos 
work better and so on.

8) What is the best feture you have found here on Cland?
Best feature? That's hard to answer, REAL hard. Dunno, I'm 
gonna play it safe and say that the best thing in cland is Gather.

9) How/When did you start playing Cland?
Some dipshit got whole Estonia banned from my last mud, so I 
was looking for a new one and found cland. And here I am now =) 
I started when I was like 11 or 12.

10) Has Cland changed your life in anyway?
Oh it has, I've gotten lots of new friends from here. 

Thank you Maveric for your time