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Solinari's Interview

1) Why did you become a CO?what religion?
i was chosen by relmembers.

2) How long have you been a CO?
like 1.5 years

3) When did you become CO?
long time ago :P

4) what has been your favorite moment while you were CO?
when using "gather" skill i tansfered sassy to me :P to 
jail!!!!!! with one skill i "jailed" sassy, karu, vintz 
and xyron :P

5) What was your worst moment?
never had any

6) How does it feel ruleing over so many people?
its fun and entertaining

7) Has ruleing a religion changed your (ooc) life?
probably not

8) What is the best feture you have found here on Cland?
gather skill :P

9) How/When did you start playing Cland?
dont even remember....something like 5-6 years ago

10) Has Cland changed your life in anyway?
yea, clande is kind of an addiction >:o
Thank you Solinari for your time