Subaru Engines

Older Subaru engines have a unusual naming convention. Current subaru engines such as the EJ22 and EG33 are 2.2 and 3.3L engines, but the EA81 and EA82 engines from the early eighties are hardly 8.1 and 8.2L engines so here is a quick rundown on all subaru engines I know of including capacity, induction and power. Take special notice of the last 3 engines which are quite extraordinary. Subaru along with Italian company Motor Moderni (sp?) attempted the world F1 championships unsuccessfully in 1989 with its 412kW flat 12 engine. Japan loves small capacity engines in small cars which can be seen in the 1/2 litre 2 cylinder supercharged engine legally limited to 41kW
Engine Code Capacity Cylinders Vehicle Induction Output (kW)
EA71 1.6L 4 74-82 Leone & Brumby Carb 51
EA81 1.8L 4 80-92 Leone & Brumby Carb 55
EA81T 1.8L 4 Brumby Turbo MPFI Turbo 70
EA82 1.8L 4 84-94 L series Carb 63-66
EA82 1.8L 4 L series T-wagon & Royale MPFI 70
EA82T 1.8L 4 Leone RX & XT Turbo MPFI Turbo 83
ER27 2.7L 6 XT-6 MPFI 107
EJ20 2.0L 4 Impreza & new Liberty MPFI 84-92
EJ20T 2.0L 4 Impreza WRX & Liberty RS MPFI Turbo 145-206
EJ20TT 2.0L 4 Legacy RS/GTB/RSK-B4 MPFI Twin Turbo 190-206
EJ22 2.2L 4 Liberty MPFI 94-100
EJ22T 2.2L 4 Legacy Turbo (USA) & STi 22B MPFI Turbo 120-206
EJ25 2.5L 4 Outback & Liberty RX MPFI 115
EG33 3.3L 6 SVX MPFI 169
Unknown 3.0L 12 F1 Car MTBFI 412
Unknown 544cc 2! Sherpa MPFI Supercharged 41
EN07 658cc 4 Vivio RXR MPFI Supercharged 48
There are many other Subaru engines around but these are the most common. If you have any details on any other engines or if any of the above engine details are incorrect can you please mail me with the information.