Tea Cozy

1 oz each of three colours.... 2 colours should look nice next to each other. (Nylon mix yarn works best but any fine yarn will work.... I have used Cotton too.)

Colour A :__________________   Colour B: _________________   Colour C: _________________

Gauge 7 sts and 9 rows = 1 inch

Section A
Ten 6. E-wrap Cast on 61 Sts. with Colour A. This is the back or inside. Knit 1 row.

Ten 4: *Knit 5 rows. Pull out every other needle, put carriage on slip and slip one row. Return carriage to normal *Continue from * to * until 13 sections have been knit. (78 rows)

Section B
Ten 3, add Colour  B and knit 15 Rows.
Pick up last row of slip stitches from section A  and put behind hooks, pulling needles to D position. Knit one row.

Change to Colour C ( do not cut colour B.... hook out of way) Knit 15 rows. Pick up next row of slipped stitches  and knit one row.

Continue in this way, using the 2 colours until you have used all of  Section A, picking up the cast on row at the end of your 12 "puffs". Cast Off

Repeat for second side starting and ending with colour C

Sew 2 pieces together. On one side leave opening for the tea pot spout and on the other side leave an opening for the handle.

You may gather this all together at top and put a pom pom on it or tassle or handle...whatever you choose.

You can make this taller by casting on more stitches, or wider by adding rows to Section A in multiples of six. this pattern nicely fits a Brown Betty (6 cup) Tea Pot.

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