Odessa Crafty Knitters Christmas Party
December 2001
Here is our group... I am not in the picture because I was busy taking the picture.... but you can visualize me in the picture... tall, slim... willowy.. long flowing blonde hair... hahahahaha!
Every year we do a gift exchange and here are the wonderful presents that were under the tree!
Bev's snowman ornaments
These snowman were painted on used lightbulbs... the little angel ornament was made by Debbie... it was very pretty... this picture does not do it justice.
Carlotta's snowman
Cute little hanging Santa ornamentwith potpourri..
Cathy's Snowman
This was our last demo at knit club before the party... these cute snowman are knit on the 360, and the beads are knit in as you go.... Cathy's arrangement can't be appreciated in pictures.
Debbie's Reindeer flowerpot.
This little flower pot was so cute. The Reindeer body is a big pot standing on 4little pot legs,  turned upside down... The pointsetta was very pretty too! LOL
Gail's Snowman.
This snowman was made over a pop bottle with a knitted sweater, hat and scarf.
Jo-ann's Christmas stocking.
This is an Eileen Montgomery pattern done on the 360.  Jo-Ann filled this stocking with candles.
Joanne's snowman
This was a cute little snowman Joanne found and knew right away that it would be a great gift at our Christmas exchange.
Sandy's Snowman
This is the cutest little handknit snowman...everything was knit, even the nose.... This is the gift I came home with and my daughter took it immediately and it is now a member of her little stuffed family..... LOL My only disappointment was that it wasn't knit with Sandy's Mohair.... but it is very cute and very soft, non the less...