Measuring your foot for an accurate
                              foot measurement.

. Trace your foot on a piece of paper.
2. Draw a line across the end of the heel and across the longest toe. Measure between these two lines. (A) you will deduct 2" (adult sizes) and 1 1/2 inces (child sizes) from this measurement to get the foot measurment that you will use for your rows for your foot. The balance will be made up with the toe and the heel.
3. Draw a line down each side at the widest part. Measure between these two lines. (B) Double this amount for around the foot measurement. Add 1 to 1 1/2 inches (ease) if you like, but try knitting them without this added ease first... I like my socks snug for comfort... you may too.
4. Measure from the floor at your heel  to the height on your calf that you want your sock to go. (C). This is a good time to put your favorite sock on and measure to the top of it. Deduct 2" (Adult), or  1 1/2"  (child) for heel.
These are the only measurements you will need to make a perfect fitting sock.
Making socks that fit.
Gail Sabramsky 2002
A: Length of foot   __________    B: Width of foot.    __________   C: Height of Sock   __________

Circular Sock

How to use your measurments to make a personal pattern
for a sock
Instructions for knitting a circular sock.

Ribbed Sock

Knit flat, using seam as you go method to join ribbed top to stocking  st foot bottom.