Knitweave Wallet instructions

Knitted Piece 36" wide by 45 inches long

1.4 m fusible, heavy interfacing
4" matching velcro, 1 " wide

approx. 4 meters knitted band for binding ( using 9 needles at Tension 8)

1 Body: with wrong sides together zig-zag pieces together. Straight stitch across marked solid lines. Fold along stitching. On bottom third, stitch 1 /2" velcro loop in place. Place fuzzy section on top.

2. Change purse: With wrong sides together, zig-zag pieces together. Sew band on straight, bottom edge. (I sewed one edge on by machine, then rolled it arond and sewed second edge on by hand... just like bias tape.)
Place 3/4" of loop velcro on outside of straight edge section in centre of top half. Stitch fuzzy on inside of curved edge. Fold bottom third up and zig-zag edges. (Velcro on outside) place binding around all edges. Stitch to back of wallet, makin sure that it is placed above the velcro, in the centre section of the wallet... sew along sides and across the top fold line... remember to keep the pocket open... sew above the binding.

3. Inside pocket: fold marked piece in half on centre line. Bind folded edge. Place on bottom of wallet. Zig-zag around inside pocket piece to attach to wallet.

4. Credit card holder. With wrong sides together, zig-zag pieces together. (Make sure one end has rounded corners ... this will be on the flap when complete.)

5. 5 Pockets: Fold in half , lengthwise, wrond sides together. Top stithc along folded edge. Sew 1" piece of Velcro to bottom pocket. Place first pocket about 1 1/2 " down from fold line of Credit card holder and then evenly space remaining pockets placing the velcro pocket last, bottom straight edges matching. Sew down edges of pockets to the credit card holder and bind around the holder. Do not bind the bottom edge. Sew fuzzy velcro on flap.


Credit card holder: Center on wallet, with bottom edge at right hand side. Pin securely in place before stitiching. Stitch in the ditch along lower binding at credit card holder.

Bind Wallet. Begin at lower right side, with outside of wallet showing, pinning all around. Ease at corners. Stitch carefully. Turn and hand stich on outside of wallet.

Press well. Sew fuzzy velcro to inside of top flap.

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click here for pattern
Click here for Pattern