ErrorUltra Deathmatch
For Quake2
The goal of ErrorUltra is to help balance out the basic multiplayer gameplay of Quake2, to offer a better deathmatch experience.

Sick of Starting with that Blaster?
Traditional multiplayer Quake2 gameplay tends to be more about hunting for weapons than actually fighting your opponents.  You start with the blaster pistol (which is almost entirely useless most of the time), and you try to stay alive long enough to grab another gun.

Major changes include:
Starting the game with two weapons:  The small machinegun and the shotgun.  Both have been tweaked for balance.  The small machinegun is significantly less powerful, but more accurate,  and the shotgun is slightly more powerful.

Weapon respawn time is set to six seconds instead of 30.  This helps weapons to be available more often.

Various other tweaks to help improve game dynamics.

Bot Support!
ErrorUltra is based on EraserUltra, so it has full EraserBot support!
Gameplay is faster, because you start with both a machinegun and a shotgun,  and more powerful weapons are more accessible because they respawn faster.  The weaponry is not totally ballanced as in Quake3, so more powerful weapons will still offer a definite advantage. However the starting arsenal will offer players a fighting chance from the moment they spawn.
ErrorUltra is actually not a mod, but a config for a special version of EraserUltra (exclusive to ErrorUltra!), that has an added feature that allows you to control how fast weapons and items respawn.  Everything is fully configurable, so if you don't like all the changes I made, you can change them however you do like them.
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