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Prof. Subhajit Ghosh
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Lingayas Institute of Technology and Management
Jasana-Faridabad Rd, Nachauli, Faridabad - 713212
Work: +91 (0129)2202008/09 Extn 421

Subhajit is currently a Professor at the Lingayas Institute of Management and Technology, Faridabad. His earlier stint includes that of an Assistant Professor at the Durgapur Institute of Advanced Technology & Management. He has spent several years in Shillong and Kolkata as well. He is an amalgamation of the cultures soaked from these places and owes a big debt to 'em. He did his B. Tech & M. Tech from Jadavpur University. His current research interests is in the area of SOFT COMPUTING & DATA MINING. His other interest includes AI, Distributed Databases, Software Engineering and E-Commerce.

His family support helped him in pursuit of academics and currently his son Amartya's antics & mischief graph his existence like a Gaussian curve. He has worked in the North Eastern Hill University, Shillong for several years where he combined teaching with training and system administration. Besides he has regularly taught at IGNOU where he taught subjects like OPERATION RESEARCH , PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES etc as well as several other places for a shorter span. He has been in the field of computers since 1985 and has seen it transform from a power-guzzling, room filling equipment to a lesser energy consuming device that can be placed conveniently upon one's palm. He has interest in good literature and films.

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Passed Master of Computer Science and Engineering from Jadavpur University, Cal ¡¦700032

Year of passing 1991

Passed Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering from Jadavpur University, Cal - 700032

Year of passing 1989

Passed Pre-University from North Eastern Hill University
Year of passing 1985

Passed High School Leaving Certificate from Meghalaya Board of School Education

Year of passing 1983



Data Warehousing and Data Mining

Soft Computing

Some old stuff

Data Mining
Database management systems
Software engineering
Programming lessons in C
Photo album

  • Short term course at NITTTR Chandigarh on Soft Computing, 30th July-3rd August, 2007
  • Recent Trends in Information Technology, April 6-7, 2007. Presented a paper entitled Clustering as a technique for data mining
    Proceedings published as a book
  • National Trends in Advanced Computing, Tezpur University, March 22-23rd, 2007. Presented
    a paper entitled A survey of trends and techniques in Clustering.
    Published by Narosa Publications in a book entitled Networks, Security & Soft Computing, Pg 125-132.

  • Short-term course on SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, 1st March-5th March, 2006

  • NATIONAL WORKSHOP ON TRENDS IN ADVANCED COMPUTING 06, 23rd-24th January, 2006 Tezpur University, Assam

    TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT, Rajbandh, Durgapur-12

    ,16th - 18th December, 2004 organised by the Indian Unit for Pattern Recognition
    and Artificial Intelligence and Indian Statistical Institute

  • 13th National Symposium on Environment , North-Eastern Hill University, June 5-7, 2004.
    Presented a paper Data Mining as a tool to assess changing scenario in the
    north-east due to de-forestation

  • Data Mining & Bioinformatics : Recent trends, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, March 22-26, 2004.

  • Autumn SCHOOL on Pattern Recognition, Data Mining with application to Web
    and Biological Data, September 23-27, 2003
    organized by Machine Intelligence Unit,Indian
    Statistical Institute & Computer Centre, NEHU, Shillong in the North-eastern Hill University, Shillong

  • CIMPA-UNESCO-INDIA SCHOOL on Soft Computing Approach to Pattern Recognition
    and Image Processing, December 2-13, 2002
    organised by Machine Intelligence Unit,
    Indian Statistical Institute,203 B. T. Road,Kolkata 700 108

  • National Workshop Cum Conference on The Role of Information Technology in
    the Development of India with special reference to N.E. Region
    , November 13th to 15th
    2002 and organised by Shillong College Academic Society in collaboration with Shillong College. Presented a paper titled Hidden Information Retrieval from very large databases

  • RECENT TRENDS IN INTELLIGENT COMPUTING, March 11-15, 2002, Computer Centre, North-Eastern Hill University

    , Nov 20-22, 2001, Pachhunga University College, Aizawl.

  • 4-day workshop on Applications of Computers in BioInformatics Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh, Nov 29th ¡¦Dec 2nd, 1999



  • Subhajit Ghosh & Dr. Rajib Das, Clustering in business data analysis for maximising profit, Lingayas Journal of Professional Studies The journal of Interdisciplinary approach, Vol. 1, No. 2, Jan-Jun 2008, Pg 83-90 doc


    • Subhajit Ghosh, Gauri Sharma & Goutam Datta, An estimation of Sampling in Knowledge Discovery in Databases, International Conference on Recent applications of Soft Computing in Engineering and Technology RASIET-07, IET Alwar, December 22-23rd, 2007pdf

    • Maitrei Kohli, Anu Saini, Goutam Datta and Subhajit Ghosh, Image segmentation using ANN for improving the quality of teaching in primary schools, International Conference on Recent applications of Soft Computing in Engineering and Technology RASIET-07, IET Alwar, December 22-23rd, 2007pdf

    • Anubhav Kumar and Subhajit Ghosh, Outlier Detection Techniques for Data Mining , National Conference on Artificial Intelligence at VPCOE, Baramati, Pune, June 1-2, 2007

    • Goutam Datta & Subhajit Ghosh, Fuzzy Rule based Image Segmentation and Clustering: Concepts and estimation, National Conference on Emerging trends and application in IT 2007, Ajmer Engineering College, 13th April, 2007Doc

    • Subhajit Ghosh & Goutam Datta, Ťlustering as a technique for data mining: An assessment, National Conference on Emerging Technologies & Trends in IT (NCET 2007) organised by ITS Ghaziabad, April 06-07th 2007. Paper published in the proceedings as a book Ŧmerging Technologies and Trends in IT 2007¡¦by Wisdom Publications, Pg 126-134

    • Subhajit Ghosh, a survey of techniques and trends in clustering for data mining, National Conference for Advanced Computing Technologies 2007, Tezpur University, March 22-23rd 2007. Paper published in the proceedings as a book ůetworks, Security and Soft Computing: Trends and future directions¡¦by Narosa Publication, Pg 125-132


    • Subhajit Ghosh, a grid-based clustering scheme using density estimation and its application in strategic planning, National Workshop for Advanced Computing Technologies at Tezpur University held in January 23-24, 2006. Paper published in the proceedings as a book ůetworks, Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence: Trends and future directions¡¦by Narosa Publication, Pg 213-214


    • Subhajit Ghosh & Tapas Sinha, Data Mining as a tool to assess changing scenario in the north-east due to de-forestation, 13th National Symposium on Environment at the North-Eastern Hill University during June 5-7, 2004, Proc. of NSE-13, Pg 87-90.


    • Subhajit Ghosh, hidden information retrieval from very large databases, National Workshop Cum Conference on The Role of Information Technology in the Development of India with special reference to N.E. Region, November 13th-15th 2002, Proc. Pg 73-75
Papers Accepted
  • Subhajit Ghosh & Goutam Datta, Methods, Learning and Challenges in Content Based Image Retrieval, Submitted to Soft Computing Conf. at ITM Gurgaon
  • Subhajit Ghosh & Gauri Sharma, Embedding Intelligence in Sampling for Data Mining, submitted to Conf. FUTURE TRENDS IN SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT at Manav Rachna College of Engineering, Faridabad
ME Project
Some studies on Heuristic Search (AI)
BE project
Application of residue arithmetic to computer technology
Popular articles
  • Subhajit Ghosh,Molecular Computers, http://www.boloji.com/computing/007.htm
  • Subhajit Ghosh, Cluster Computers, http://www.boloji.com/computing/005.htm
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  • Subhajit Ghosh, Talking Computers, http://www.boloji.com/computing/009.htm
  • Subhajit Ghosh,Indian Space Program, www.boloji.com/computing/012.htm
Some citations and acknowledgements
  • Indian Space program, Chennai Online News Service about Insat 4B orbiting satellite [March 14, 2007] Munaskhan.spaces.live.com/Blog/cns/EE547136DF10B8CB1497.entry
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  • Ansuman Chattopadhyay, Understanding of Genetic Information in Higher Secondary students in North East India and the implications for Genetic Education, http://www.lifescied.org/cgi/content/full/4/1/97 Understanding of Genetic Information in Higher Secondary students in North East India and the implications for Genetic Education, Cell Biology Education, Vol 4, 97-104, Spring 2005 http://www.cellbioed.org/pdf/04-06-0042.pdf
  • Sept 2007 till date PROFESSOR , Lingayas Institute of Management & Technology. Also M.Tech Coordinator
    Quality check, project monitoring, planning for labs and future expansion & implementation, teaching, assessing course files, time table, project and assignment screening committee, supervise and upgrade lab experiments
  • March 2007 – August 2007 PROFESSOR & HEAD, Lingayas Institute of Management & Technology
    Supervise issues concerning about students, faculties plus lab assistants & other staffs
  • July 2006 – March 2007 PROFESSOR, Lingayas Institute of Management & Technology
    Administration, Teaching, Quality Check, Project guidance
  • January 2005 – June 2006 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, Durgapur Institute of Advanced Technology and Management
    Teaching & Guide projects. Assist HOD in departmental work Assist HOD in departmental activeties
  • June2004 - Jan 2005 SYSTEM ANALYST (Atached to Exam), North Eastern Hill University
    I was in overall charge of system administration of the Computer cell of the Examination department of the University.
  • March 2002- May 2004 SYSTEM ANALYST (Attached to Registrar),North Eastern Hill University
    I was attached with the Registrar of the University, who was keen to computerize the entire administrative works of the University.
  • Feb 2002-Nov 1991 SYSTEM ANALYST, Computer Center, North-Eastern Hill University
    I was involved in teaching, conducting training, system administration, software development & implementation, hardware/software selection, departmental purchase committee, University computer purchase committees etc.I was also involved in providing consultancy to Annual report cell of the University. I was also involved as a paper setter / examiner / moderator for degree examinations of other universities
  • 2004-1993 Academic Counsellor, Indira Gandhi National Open University
    Taught computer papers like Operation Research & programming languages, MIS
  • 1992-2003 Resource person, Centre for Science Education, North Eastern Hill University
    Teaching programming languages, operating system basics, hardware etc.
  • 1991 Worked in the Computer training divison of Sneh Motors, Kolkata for a couple of months

Computer Skills

    3.1/95/98/ME/2000 Advanced Server/XP(Home/Professional),
    Web Technology
    JSP, Servlet, XML
    Data Mining packages
    Weka, Tanagra, SPSS Windows 9.05 for Windows
    MATLAB, MS PROJECT, Web site designing, Technical articles
Academic Visits
  • Visited the Center for Soft Computing Research:A National Facility at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata for a month during the month of Dec-Jan 2008
Organising Committee
  • Recent trends in Intelligent Computing, NEHU, March 11-15, 2002
  • Pattern Recognition, Data Mining with application to Web and Biological Data, September 23-27, 2003
  • Subhajit Ghosh, The Builder and the Taught,http://subhajit-ghosh3.sulekha.com/blog/post/2006/05/the-builder-and-the-popular.htm
Other academic activities
  • Have been associated with DOEACC as an expert for several years
  • Presenter of some informative computer programs for the radio
  • Paper setter/examiner/moderator for degree examinations
  • Design of courseware
  • Time table preparation
  • Exam date sheet preparation
  • Member, Purchase Committee
  • Consultancy for selection of hardware and software, university annual report publication
  • Member, editorial board of a little magazine GLIMPSE
  • Have been on the panel of experts during the first Inter-School Science Competition in Shillong during 2002, MOCK PARLIAMENT during LIMAT fest in 2008.
  • Reviewed the student’s performance and spoke on the prevailing trends during the seminar THE FUTURE OF INTERNET conducted by Management Institute of Durgapur, 2005
  • Member, Selection committee for faculty recruitment
  • Member, Computer Purchase Committee
  • Experience of interacting with Certifying committee members such as University Assessment committees, ISO, AICTE
  • Assisted Ph.D scholars of science streams in computer related technical issues
  • Convener for departmental sessional exam
  • Supervision for proper conduct of various exams
  • External examiner for MDU University (went for Project evaluation to CITM on 1. 5. 2008)
  • Administering the Oath as HOD during the conferment of B.Tech degrees of the students of MD University during the Convocation (2005)
  • HOD’s message to the students
  • Letters of recommendations for students applying to foreign universities
1. National Scholarship Holder, 1983-85
2. NEC scholarship for pursuing Engineering studies, 1985-89
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