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"Leadership through excellence"
is the buzz word in business is
truly equivalent of
"Teaching through example".
As a teacher this homepage of
yours is an example of your
intelligence, creativity and zeal
to excell and shall inculcate the
same qualities.

- Mr. V. K. Bhargava.
watch out !!!
Hydrometallurgy of Copper
Taushiks Art Emporium

Pestle Weed College photoalbum
Fairwell, Colonel's Camp 2K2 & more ...

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"It was tears rolling down with happiness to have got in touch with my deraest friend after 12 years.
I feel in Loyola and all the memories... when I visited your site.
Its GR8 work done Ganguly. We miss you in all our success in life."

- Mr. Muyeenuddin P.K.





Lord, give me the guidance to know; when to hold on,
when to let go & the grace to make the right decision with dignity.
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