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Preparations for War


Juppongatana is a relatively new samurai-based Omni-Tek guild.

Inspired by the anime Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X), the name is taken from that group of villains - arguably the greatest threat the hero Himura Kenshin faced throughout the series.


But the 'villainy' ends with the name. The organization stands for Honor, above all things.

Juppongatana is Japanese for "Ten Swords".


Juppongatana "Ten Swords" exists to promote the ideals of Courage, Loyalty and Brotherhood among its members. To Omni, it lends strength and skill in battle, tempered by honor and fairplay.





"Death before dishonor"

Soon we will be triumphant.



 Juppongatana - Ten Swords  - An Omni-Tek Organization

This Org is comprised of many different nationalities, so most likely if english is not your first language then a member could more than likely be from your own country and help you in your native tongue.

We have our own city in the Galway Shire next to the Omni-Tek city of Rome, we are a few minutes run north-east from the Subway dungeon outside Rome. So our members can partake in Alien Raids and access the facilities within the city (only if the player has the expansion pack, Alien Invasion).

Right next to the city is our lowbie Tower site. As one of the first sites ever taken by Jupp, it tends to be the best guarded. Over time we gain & lose others.

If not participating in the battles directly, any member can still provide assistance to others.

We have been around since 2005 as an Omni-Tek Org, to see some of the parties pictures, look in the Image section.

Based in Server 2 or Rubika as it is known in game, we would be glad to meet any new arrivals.


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Juppongatana's members are varied in their profession and levels


The Anarchy Online Org list.


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Wanted -- Members

New members to the game will find that there are many members who will help with any problems and questions that arise, either in-game using the '/tell (player name)' which should be either be a squad commander or unit commander from the Anarchy Online Org List above. Also sending email to myself which i can pass on to the other members.



Members are encouraged to:
* help fellow members;
* uphold the ideals of honor and fairplay;
* and show loyalty** to the organization.

The following conduct is discouraged as it reflects badly upon the organization:
* Ninja-looting: stealing a team-loot meant for another teammate
* Begging in public
* Kill-stealing: trying to steal the kill of another player who first started to kill the mob
* Unfair player-versus-player fights: killing the other player when not agreed upon or 'ganking' (this does not apply in cases involving tower wars)
* Training others: drawing a group of mobs unto another player without a prior /shout warning (AO classifies this as harassment and may result in the cancellation of player account should a petition be filed by a complainant.)
* Unfair player trades: getting an item in trade without paying for it or receiving money without giving the item to be traded
* and other dishonorable acts unbecoming a samurai of Juppongatana

Loyalty is demonstrated by promoting, upholding and defending the name and integrity of the Organization.



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