Ocean City 2003

We just got back from an AWESOME week in Ocean City, Maryland! Well, technically not Ocean City, we actually stay on Assateague Island, about 8 miles from Ocean City. It is a barrier island, and National Park, inhabited year-round by wild ponies. My brother, sister & I spend most of our nights hanging out in Ocean City, though. This year was extra fun, too, because my friend Jessica and her family came to the island for the first time! We took tons of pictures, but considering it's back to work tomorrow, I didn't have time to put them all out here yet. But for now, enjoy the ones I do have!

Quotes of the Week:
"Is there such thing as a foamvoyage?" (Sarah - trying to add a word on to 'voyage' in Scrabble)
"Did you know they're flying maggots?" (Pete, on flies)
"I think that lighting just struck the car" (Pete)

Songs of the Week:
"Break Ya Neck - Busta Rhymes
"What Happened to that Boy" - Birdman/Baby
"X Gon Give it To Ya" - DMX
"Shake Ya Tailfeather" - Nelly

Highlights of the Week:
DJ Kool (the guy who sings "Let Me Clear My Throat") being at Club Diesel on Wednesday night, along with Ace & Mallory from the Real World Paris.
Being taped dancing on the big screen at Seacrets
Lying on the beach for hours and hours
The Rehoboth Beach Outlets
Hooper's Crab House

Me, Tim & Sarah, on the Boardwalk
(not sure why it's blurry)

Jessica & I at the mini golf course

Jess, Sarah, Hilary (Jessica's Sister) & I

B-Unit: Jess, Tim & I - (yeah, we're not smiling for a reason, it's a joke, don't ask)

Hilary, Tim & I - playing Scrabble on the only rainy night we had

Jess & I at Hooper's - a sweet restaurant we always go to

We befriended this poor horse after he and his friends got in a scuffle with some other horses. His friends took off leaving him alone on the beach. Isn't he cute?
Here he is again

Awwwww, now he's tired AND sad....

Jessica & I on a giant tire at the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum on the boardwalk

Sarah, Tim & I

OK, this is Tim, Hilary & I...enjoying a fire on the beach with mom, dad, Sarah, Pete, Art & MaryAnn (Jess & Hil's parents.) Sitting here, enjoying smores, and SeaBits (a new drink concocted by Art), not worrying about the distant lightning...according to dad it was "far away," until a minute later when it practically strikes right next to us on the beach and then starts POURING...I've never run so fast through sand, with a digital camera in my pocket, a marshmallow roasting stick, a chair, and a smore in my hand! Ahhhh good times. LOL.

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