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First of all, let me say, this is not a pornographic site, a "traditional" BDSM site, or in some ways, even a "traditional" Dominance/submission site.

What this site is about and offers is a look at how natural and right it is for the Woman to be the dominant partner in a relationship/marriage, to have total loving control of the man, and exercise Her natural Female superiority.

If couples will follow the ideas and goals laid out on this site, let the Woman have total control over the man and the relationship, and the man submits to Her will and control freely and willingly, you will find that you have a much more pleasant and harmonious relationship, with more love shared, and both partners being much happier.

I realize this is a radical rethinking of the "traditional" relationships we have been conditioned to accept by society and culture, but, if one looks back at history, when Women have controlled the relationships, and men have known their proper place in it, the relationships have worked better.

This site will have step by step plans to follow to help you learn how to establish and make these ideas work in your relationship, both from my perspective and that of my Mistress. In addition, there are links to other sites that follow the same philosophy, with some ideas that may be different from those here. The key is to read and learn as much as possible at all these sites, and apply the ideas that work best for your relationship.

Part One: A, (Not So), Brief Look At Why Females Are Superior To Males

It's time to show how & why Women are naturally superior to men. The notion of "male superiority" is patently false, as I will show. Scientific studies have proven that Women are biologically & physiologically superior to men.

Women have a much higher tolerance for pain, (for an example, look at childbirth, no man could handle that), are able to survive harsh & potentially life threatening extremes of temperature & deprivation at a far higher rate than men can, have better & stronger immunological & recuperative powers than men do, & are more adaptive intellectually to new conditions than men are.

This is also borne out genetically. Women have two x chromosomes, where men have one x chromosome & one y chromosome. This show that Women have a more complex genetic make up than men do, since the x chromosome is more complex than the y one is. Add in the fact that the very chromosome that makes men men also make men more easily predisposed to more diseases than Women. From birth & especially the start of puberty until menopause, the primary Female hormone, estrogen, protects Women from more diseases than the primary male hormone testosterone does men.

Women are also more likely to take better care of Themselves than men do, eat better, live a healthier lifestyle, & are on average more efficient & better organized than men are.

Finally, add in the fact that Women are naturally far more nurturing than men are.

So where did this ridiculous & foolish notion of "male superiority" get started? From the one thing that men do have an advantage in over Women, physical strength. Primitive man's greater physical strength was wrongly assumed by scientists to be of a greater advantage in the "hunter/gatherer" tribes of prehistoric man, & probably by the prehistoric male himself, as cognitive thought & reasoning had yet to develop. Man at that time was ruled largely by instinct, reaction, & intuition. Additionally, more recent evidence shows that prehistoric diets consisted largely of fruits, nuts, & vegetables, so what was this primitive man hunting? The wily & elusive potato? Perhaps the ferocious strawberry? Primitive man's greater strength did have it's usefulness however. It was needed to ward off attacks from other tribes seeking to take the Women to add to their own tribe & gene pool, as well as to protect the tribe from attacks by animals, which is where the hunting ability did come into use.

This misguided notion of "male superiority" was further propagated by the rise of organized religion, in most of it's forms. In ALL early cultures, (pre Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc.), Women were attributed with the power of creation, where it rightfully belongs. As man did begin to develop cognitive thought & reasoning, he saw this as a threat to his supposed "superiority" & set about to remake God in man's image. Think I'm wrong? Then why is God portrayed as vengeful & jealous, as these are human traits? One would think that a Supreme Being, being perfect, would be above such pettiness. Look also at the fact that most of the books of the Talmud, (basically the Old Testament), the New Testament, & the Koran were written by men, to enforce their supposed "superiority".

Some of the books of the Bible were written by Women, but, if you only read the King James translation, those books were deleted. Do you know why? Contemporary accounts of the time have surfaced showing that King James was homosexual, & possibly a pedophile, who feared Women & Their natural superiority, & consequently hated & was repulsed by Them, (Note, this not a slam in any way against gays, it's just used to illustrate why King James deleted these books written by Women in the Bible). This self serving propaganda has been passed down through countless generations to keep Women from attaining Their proper place as superior to men.

It took the original Aryan invaders about 3,000 years from the time that they conquered the Matriarchal communities in southern Europe to the start of Christianity & Islam, meaning it took 3,000 years of brainwashing by a patriarchal led culture to convince men & Women that sex, childbirth & menstruation were dirty & sinful, & that Women were inferior to men. Since then we've been conditioned to believe all these falsehoods. Before men took over, many cultures & societies were ran by Women, & by & large, these were usually the most peaceful, well ran & efficient ones that existed. Women ruled them & men knew exactly where their place was. In case you're wondering, yes I do believe in God, I know She exists.

Primitive man was largely concerned with fighting each other & sleeping with Women, (seems we haven't made much of an advance there sadly), to produce children. Had sex not been designed to be so pleasurable to man, we most likely would have ignored Women & just spent our time fighting each other for bragging rights to bolster our fragile egos, which would had meant a very short time span for the human species. That's proof that God knew what She was doing, especially in regards to procreation. Due however to man's usurping of Woman's natural superiority, we are left with a testosterone driven "ideal" that has kept us in wars, conflicts, the ruination of our beautiful planet & the wrongful suppression of Women's natural superiority. This is why man remade God in his image, as man's primary goal, (besides physical pleasure), is to destroy, which in itself bring pleasure to the male. That's the reason the male endorsed view of God & religious beliefs claims God is vengeful & jealous, & Women should submit to men. It's time for this to change.
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