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Keep Smilin'
Bread Alone
Roll Up
Pitter Patter Flatter Flitter
Streetlight Silhouettes
I Don't Trust You
13th. and Patterson
The Dark Side


shallow slut
with a heart of smut
and if I rammed your butt
would your asscheeks shut?
I got no guts
I'm deader than King Tut
but if I suck on your nuts
could I git outta this rut?

I'm not a ten
not even a seven
can't remember when
I bin outta this pen
but every now and then
I try escapin' again
I'm a fly among men
killed by Barbie and Ken

my car can't fit in your narrow lane
and all your shit is stinkin' the brain
and what do I git for this shooting pain?
a head-on collision in the pouring rain

there's that look in your eyes
as my pride quickly dies
and you can't hear my cries
when all I hear is your lies
so I start to despise
any pilot who flies
knots the boyscout ties
success when he tries


I put a lid on livin'
I put a sock in sinnin'
they've taken all my givin'
and burnt my heart like linin
fucked me to my intestines
mushy foods I'm ingestin'
watch with your sheepish grins
the closing of my coffin

I put a lid on hopin'
I left the door wide open
for the enemy to come in
he's beatin' and I'm gropin'
and when I'm finished mopin'
they say I should be copin'
but what's the usa dopin'
when my neck wants a ropin'?

I zipped my mouth shut
I locked it up
and threw away the key
high wire's been cut
and you can scoop in a cup
all that's left of me...
and put a lid on it!

steam don't rise from the hot coffee
if you put your cold hand over it
fresheners don't work in the can
if you're constantly takin' a shit
you can't have calm if you have a fit
you can't eat nothin' with a lid on it

I put a lid on livin'
I put a sock in sinnin'
they've taken all my givin'
and burnt my heart like linin
fucked me to my intestines
mushy foods I'm ingestin'
watch with your sheepish grins
the closing of my coffin


being deprived makes you depraved
now I'm lost when I was once saved
I scrape my feet on gravel that once was paved
was once a ruler, and now I'm a slave!

once thought I'd find a beautiful face
he'd wrap me in his tender embrace
I searched all over the goddamn place
he who comes up empty-handed is a sorry case

all I want is smut
my disease is a feast of sleaze
all my will is swill
from the trough 'till I git my fill

s&m and fetish galore
-phile suffixes and gore and more
a devious deviant who can never quit
sexaholic who never swaps spit

all I git is shit
more and more I'm not out to score
all my time is slime
cum washes down all the grunge and grime


suffer...suffer in silence...
right? of course right
hunger...hunger for violence
thru the long night...to dawn's light

but you will live by bread alone
you will lose your happy home
searching for a place to roam
you will live by bread, alone

sick man...coughing up blood
fight...to survive
bed pan...yellow stink flood
it's alright...you're still alive

but you will die a thousand times
at my hands of righteous rage
you will pay for sins and crimes
take the stage, make the front page

and if you have a message, better tell it to the world
I have one too and mine is much stronger
yours stems from dreams of a million days
mine comes from our culture, laws, and mores
you better fight the good fight...give it your all
I'll just sit right here and bounce it all back
I'm going someplace where you'll never find me
I'm walking ahead, not looking behind me

and you will live by bread alone
you'll find prison a nice home
keep hearing my voice on the phone
you will die on dread, alone


etched in stone in my memory's vaults
frozen, framed in my soul's safe keep
precious promise devoid of faults
he is calling, I'm falling asleep

here is a world wherein I can choose
letting soul and spirit wander at will
choices not based on what I may lose
here lies the hope that never stays still

a wave and a glance, connecting eyes
leaning back, legs rest on table
shadow of past failures in tries
turning life to a tearful, sad fable

open your eyes, intensely listen!
every footstep and ever breath
mounting mistakes of every mission
slowly dancing a spiritual death

if I could gaze on the heavens tonight
and wish to grow wings, and pray it be true
to dive off the ridge of resignation, take flight
and land in the loving embrace of you!


who the fuck are you
to tell me what to do?
I'll kiss a man in public
and I'll say I love him too
you can punch me in the face
and say I'm outta place
and I'll say I have a bigger better heart than you!

you say I am dirty
you look for things filthy
you scream and holler, never bother
to get to know me
well let me tell you this...
I'm really gettin' pissed
if you stop calling me names
you'll realize we're the same

everybody lusts
and everybody busts
out of the prison of conformist regulation
once in a while
and if they smile
it must mean they've not
gotten caught

everybody aches
and everybody breaks
all kindsa rules and they feel like they're fools
and they feel really bad
maybe even mad
but then they do it again
livin' in sin

now listen up kids...

I like it up the ass
I realize you will pass
but that don't mean I have to take
bein' a lower class
I feel like breaking glass
I like to roll in grass
I like to be inside a man
for orgasms that last


mouth is dry, stomach empty
gimme a fruit roll-up
they're servin' up nothin' for me
I'll have a fruit roll-up

body itchin', tooth is achin'
I want a fruit roll-up
mind is wishin', heart is breakin'
I'll take a fruit roll-up

and all the shit in the world makes up tall mountains
just as far as the eye can see
but in the hellish desert are a few tiny fountains
if I could see now, where could they be

wanna scream, but only cry
and eat a fruit roll-up
have to dream, learn to fly
but for now a fruit roll-up

bad news is sky-written from a jet plane on high
while hope hides in front of your face, waiting to catch your eye
your big, big pain wants big suicide
but it's the little things that keep you alive inside


pitter patter flatter flitter
shitter snapper slapper slitter
banished beast basted in butter
flip and flop flings Fopling Flutter

oh, oh, oh...gotta fuck soon
oh, oh, oh...it's a suck moon
oh, oh, oh...you're a looney tune
oh, oh, oh...I'll be coming soon

neon lights will juice your brain
pieces puncture prickly veins
Abbra Flabbra sumos zoo
hemps the stone and humps you too

master crapper trapper blaster
plaster diaper wiper faster
dreamer teamster wiener screamer
weeder beater wonder gleamer

oh, oh, oh...gotta fuck soon
oh, oh, oh...it's a suck moon
oh, oh, oh...you're a looney tune
oh, oh, oh...I'll be coming soon

jaw breaks when you talk too much
can't keep in touch it's such a crutch
shit a zit and spit on it
your present, my birthday vomit

smother lover motherfucker
undercover blubber sucker
trash compactor firecracker
convict tracker fudge packer

pitter patter flatter flitter
shitter snapper slapper slitter
banished beast basted in butter
flip and flop flings Fopling Flutter


streetlight silhouettes
people comin' home
with little crowd left
almost alone
with a safety net
wherever you roam

and the cracks on the street
tracks made by bare feet
bums on the scum lot
blokes when they smoke pot

streetlight silhouettes
the fag and the dyke
and your greatest threat
is getting run over by a bike
and you start to forget
what fear is like

and the rubber in the basket
the lover in the casket
the hole in the condom
the drone of the drum

streetlight silhouettes
all the promised land
not conquered yet
by your own hand
and you just wanna bet
that you will make that stand

for the nameless, faceless no one
and the lifeless, wifeless husband
secret nothing missions
and unsigned petitions

and with no air of judgment
life is allowed to go on


I'm listening
but I don't hear what you say
I have decided
to see things my way
your motives aren't clear
and your comfort's in vain
you're not calming my fear
you're not wiping this stain
I think I'm over my lust for you
now I know that I don't trust you

you're listening
but you have your own agenda
you're thinking
I should penetrate your vagina
you say that life's not fair
and you seem to really care
you say that you been there
caught in the very same snare
and now is when I get to bust you
you're a liar, I don't trust you

I'm not interested in loving
or putting faith in anything
some things you can't unlearn
some flames will never burn
once smothered by lies and cruelty

"you keep holding on...why oh why must you?"
cos I can't let go and I don't trust you
when you say everything will be okay
that's just a delay of judgement day

the pain's not going away
I think it's here to stay
what can I say?
you're in my way
you're trying to stop me
you're trying to top me
you think I don't see
but I see clearly

although I love you
and I think I need you
and I think that my needs
are what feed you
I'm standing above you
and I don't want to crush you
I'm walking away
cos I don't trust you


it's dark outside
and I like to walk in the night
feel the breeze on my face
flying bugs around the street lights

and somehow I have a place
and I'm not supposed to be here
and I go where I want
where the roads are all clear

tree silhouettes on the sidewalk
I pass over them fast
someone's going to grab me
from the shadows they cast

I feel light on my feet
but firm on the ground
I see and feel everything
and absorb all the sounds

I don't know what happened
just a moment ago
nor what's yet to come
I pray it goes slow


I'm old and tired of drifting thru space
I wanna settle down with a merciless mercenary
I respect Darth Vader and I think you would too
if you could ever hear his side of the story

when I was born, I knew I'd be bad
so I decided to be bad by choice
bein' a Jedi woulda driven me mad
so I harkened unto the Emperor's voice

Han Solo...I've been followin' you
I'm not too slow for your speed demon
Han Solo...I know your every move
I'm on the trail of your Millennium Falcon

I wish I could be a beautiful princess
with witty remarks to put you in your place
but I'll always look my Imperial best
to capture a glimpse from your weathered face

stop where you are, put down your weapon
step over here and just take my hand
forsake Darth Vader's prodigal son
we could be strong if together we'd stand

Han Solo...I've been searching for you
but I can't keep up with your brilliant invention
Han Solo...you've gone out of my view
escaped again in your Millennium Falcon

Han Solo...bring that thing over here
open the hatch and give me a ride
Han Solo...you have nothing to fear
you could be happy on the Dark Side


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1998 Matt Russell.