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I have created this site to help students in Comp Science and Information Technology to easily get programs which are usually given in assignments, sessional exams lab tests as well as University exams. Ihope u will be benefited a lot. If u want to see the programs click on the links at the left. Hera all those programs are given which I have done in practicals. I'm thinking to put a quiz section which will contain quiz on C and C++ I want to know your views plz reply me and let me know your comments on this website and how to make this website more informative and helpful. Have a good day. Thanks for visiting come again to find new updates on this site :-)
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Click here to see the C file on dqueue. It is a input restricted dqueue that means One end input Two end delete
Click here to see the C file on splitting a Circular double linked list and splitting it from the desired position
Click here to see the C file on separating a double linked list into even and odd nodes
Click hereto see the C file using a double linked list and swapping two nodes given by the user
Click hereto see the C file of a double sided (front and rear) stack performing push and pop operation on both sides using a single linked list which is implementing an array of structures
Click hereto know how to crack windows 98 passwords and downlaod a C++ file to do that.
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