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Welcome to the Home page of one the finest virtual Submarine Squadrons participating in Pacific Thunder Campaign III. Pacific Thunder is the computer re-enactment of the USN Submarine War against the Imperial Japanese Navy (1941-1945). Participants use SSI's Submarine Simulator "Silent Hunter" to conduct "Unrestricted Submarine Warfare" against the Imperial Japanese Navy and the Japanese Merchant Fleet. Our goal is to play the campaign with as much realism as can be applied. As a Pacific Thunder officer you will use the submarine combat simulator, SILENT HUNTER, to command your own sub and conduct warfare against enemy military and merchant shipping. There is a chain of command and orders are issued to give it a touch of realism. We rely on the merit system here to keep the players honest. Above all we have fun. Sounds great! How can I join? To find out more about the Pacific Thunder Campaign and to enlist, follow this link


SubRon6A "Briscoe's Bomber's"

Chain of Command

Submarine Squadron SIX (SUBRON-6A)

Submarine Squadron SIX is home to Five Diesel powered submarines.

With the outbreak of World War II and the havoc wrought on the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, the early brunt of retaliation against the enemy fell upon the Pacific Submarine Force. It was during these early days of World War II in the Pacific when the present SUBRON SIX had its beginning as SUBRON SIXTEEN. As the war progressed, SUBRON SIXTEEN continued to add to its share of the more than five million tons of Japanese shipping sunk by U.S. submarines.

With the end of the war in the Pacific came the need to relocate an immense naval organization and to begin the transition to peacetime operations. Accordingly, SUBRON SIXTEEN sailed from the Pacific via the Panama Canal to New London, Connecticut. Less than three months later SUBRON SIXTEEN left New London, Connecticut, as SUBRON SIX enroute to its new homeport of Balboa, Canal Zone, Panama. During the transit the units of SUBRON SIX, spent the month of December 1945 at Staten Island, New York, then headed for the warmer climates of Panama. In June 1949, the squadron was reorganized, formally named Submarine Squadron SIX, and moved to its present homeport in Norfolk, Virginia.

Cdr. Jim 'Briscoe' Gaines






USS Kingfish



Commanding Officer

  Lt Cdr Mike Sowsun






USS Seal



Executive Officer

Lt Cdr. John Parlato






USS Pollack


Lt Cdr Jeff Weitkamp






USS Thresher


 Lt Cdr Albert Clark






USS Plunger


Lt Cdr. Don Black






USS Guardfish



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" Bless o lord, these men of the deep, for it is the vigilance of those we send to fight, that will protect us, so that this nation shall not perish from the face of the earth..."

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