Under the Rose:
The X-Files Fanfic of SubRosa
Ladies and gentlemen: Rosa has left the building.
It's time to make it official: my days of writing X-Files fanfiction are over.  I have no immediate plans to take down the fic currently on this site, but it's always wise to download your favorites, just in case.  I have previously removed several stories: "The Gift," "Gifts from the Heart," and "Signing Bonus."  The stories are still available at various archives--you can't ever really remove something from the web, so it's futile to try.  Please, however, don't re-archive them.

If you're a fan of the CW series "Supernatural," you're invited to surf over to my SPN fic website here: "
BlueIris's Supernatural Fanfiction."  The fics are mostly gen, include plotty stories as well as character studies, and I'm really proud of them.  If you're not a fan of "Supernatural:" you should be.  The actors have the greatest on-screen chemistry since Duchovny and Anderson, and the Winchester brothers' relationship is one of the most powerful love stories on TV. I hope you check it out.

Thanks to everyone who has read, commented on, or enjoyed the X-Files fic.
All fic on this site is rated NC-17.  If you are under 17, please turn back now.
Mulder/Scully Smut
Mulder/Scully/Krycek Smut
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