A Submissives Prayer


A prayer can be found to be helpful in times of tribulation. Especially when one finds it to be hard, to put total faith in the one she belongs to and feels she must turn to a Higher Source.

"Lord, I'm an independent spirit. I've been on my own, made my own choices, and taken care of myself. At times, submission comes easily, but not right now. You have place authority in my life as a means of protection, not as a means of control. I don't want to be like the stiff-necked people in the Bible, so I need Your help. 
I commit those who have authority in my life to You. I ask You to give them supernatural wisdom so that they will make godly decisions. I ask You to fill their lives with love so that I will be glad to submit to them-and even want to. Make them so full of Your Spirit that I cannot help but respect them.
Help me, Lord, to crucify the flesh in me that tries to rebel. Cleanse me of every rebellious thought. Keep me from confusing Your definition of submission with the world's definition. Thank You for bringing me to an understanding of true, holy submission and servitude."

(Several passages and thoughts came from the book "Woman, Thou art loosed!.)