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There are many forms of abuse within all types of relationships and lifestyles. The main one we hear about is physical abuse. Mental, emotional, financial and phsycological abuse are a few more. These are the forms of abuse that can clearly be associated with physical abuse but are rarely spoken of. Most of the time it is these forms of abuse that are underlying for the longest time. Physical abuse is easily seen and alot of the time friends or family will step in. The others are harder to pick up therefore they run on the longest and unfortunately cause the most damage.

What is this site for?

This site has been designed to alert people, especially submissives  of known abusers within the BDSM scene world wide. These people are real life or internet abusers and abuse by them has been proven to me via logs or real life contact with the submissive/s involved. This is NOT a site for revenge and all facts must be proven.

This site is for everyone. If you know of an abuser and wish me to include Him/Her on this site feel free to email me using the link below.

Known abusers

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