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Since the number of generators is always on the rise, I decided it would be best to index them all on one page. There's a link back to this page on every generator, and I'll keep the index up-to-date with all the current working generators as well as the ones yet to come.

Feel free to contact me via any of the links at the bottom of the page — they're at the bottom of every page. I'll gladly accept lists of prompts that you'd like to add to existing generators; just send me the list and name a generator. Likewise, if you know of errors I've made or characters that I'm missing in any of the generators (especially the ones that aren't up-to-date), please send a list. I'm also not averse to questions, comments, complaints or LJ stalkers.

I do take requests for generators — look for the 'Requests are open' or 'Requests are closed' notice under 'Upcoming Generators.' There's a link to the request page there.

Working Generators

Prince of Tennis
all characters [98]

Ouran Koukou Host Club
all anime characters [54]

all characters, slightly outdated [109]

BLEACH + Prince of Tennis + Ouran
above three generators combined [261]

all Pokémon [493]

Pokémon Natures
all third-generation natures [25]

Prince of Tennis + Pokémon
all PoT characters + Pokémon [591]

all non-fandom-specific prompts [221]

Prince of Tennis (Hyoutei)
all Hyoutei regulars + Taki & Sakaki [10]

Prince of Tennis (Rikkai)
all Rikkai regulars [8]

Prince of Tennis (Shitenhouji)
all Shiten regulars + Osamu and Miyuki [10]

Prince of Tennis (Seigaku)
all Seigaku regulars + first-years & Ryuuzaki [15]

Prince of Tennis (Hyoutei + Higa)
all Hyoutei + Higa [18]

Ouran + Prince of Tennis
Rikkai, Hyoutei, Seigaku + Host Club [32]

specified characters [124]

Hyoutei Girls' Team
all Hyoutei girls' regulars [7]

Prince of Tennis (select characters)
select canon characters + related OCs [79]

BLEACH (select characters)
select canon characters + related OCs [53]

BLEACH + Prince of Tennis (select characters)
BLEACH select characters + PoT select characters [133]

Upcoming Generators

Requests are OPEN. [09/18.2007]

And as a bonus (in case anyone but my team and I have any use for this), here is a sex dice generator. ;D
(We use it in AIM chatrooms; highlight below the header for the dice-rolling code.)

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Page updated on September 18, 2007.

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