Last Update: 02 Oct 05
I suck at the updates:

Hey everybody...a LOT has happened in the past year! Shawn, my younger brother, graduated from Miss. State with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and got married to my beautiful sister-in-law, Brandy. He's in Jackson aith his job, and Brandy is in Birmingham, Al., working on her Masters. Pics of the wedding are at the bottom of the page.

AS for me, I am majoring in Public Relations and will graduate in May 2006. I pushed back my graduation because Jeremy is going to Kuwait, and I wanted him to be there when I walk.

I also took a job at perdido Bay Golf Club, it's pretty good money and it's interesting to see so many people obsessed with golf. I also became a contributing writer for The Voyager, our college newspaper. I also broke down and got a Myspace account and a facebook account, so you can look at the following:

My Navy Experience
Me and Jeremy
Chinhae 1998-1999
Chinhae 1999-2001
Kubasaki High School 1991-1994
Sunny San Diego 2001-2003
Christmas '03
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