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Welcome to the website of (subject to change), a rock band from St. John's, Newfoundland.

STC is a 4-piece group comprised of guitar/vocals, bass, drums, and saxophone. STC's performances usually contain lots of improvisation and jamming of both original material, and covers.

(subject to change) is available to perform just about anytime, anywhere. Take some time and look at what we're about and check us out live!


-G, J, B, R
(subject to change)
NEWS!!! -

-Lyrics for Tied Up, Too Far, What We Don't Know and Hide are now on the site.

-STC 5-Track EP has been recorded with Adam Higdon. For a taste of it,
click here to hear Hide. (right click, save as, or left click to hear it)

Tied Up, Starchman, What We Don't Know, and Too Far were also recorded.