Sweet And Fleeting Unicorn
A rushing pound of falling hoof,a gleam off golden horn
A light of eye that understands, gentle as the quietest morn
Corded muscle, rippling, hard, on a proud and graceful frame
A wash of mood that calms and soothes in ways that have no name
Beauty, grace, and charm defined, joy that you can feel and see
So wonderful to look upon, a laughing heart that lives and breathes
A gift bestowed on true and pure, with delight that stills your soul
Ghaste virtue given sweet reward of a sight worth more than gold
Wreathed in comfort, warmth, and love, angelic splendor come to call
So tame, yet so untamable,wildness that leaves you thrilled,in awe
With gentle pound of rushing hoof,and gleam of golden horn
A glimpse of sweetest dreams in flesh, the fleeting unicorn.
(at the authors request the poem
Proud and Fleeting Unicorn
will follow later in the page )

From Ancient Greek & Roman mythology, comes the story of
Unicorns & Pegasus.

"The unicorns were the most recognizable magic the fairies possessed,
and they sent them to those worlds where belief in the magic was in
danger of failing altogether. After all there has to be some belief in
magic - however small - for any world to survive".

Pegasus sprang forth from the blood of the neck of Medusa where it hit the ground,
He was the most beautiful creature that the Ancient World had seen.

In honor of Pegasus and his service to the gods, Zeus set the
constellation of the winged horse in the Earth's night sky.

In the Middle Ages, it was told that the unicorns were pure spirits and
only a virgin woman could approach and capture one.

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