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About Me

I was born in the historic place Chandannagore, a city 30 km away from Kolkata (Calcutta). I received BE (Electronics) and ME (Tele-Communication and Digital Systems and Instrumentation) degrees in 1997 and 1999, respectively from Bengal Engineering and Science University (Bengal Engineering College). I finished PhD in the field of communication engineering (Microwave Planar Circuits and Antennas) in 2004 from IIT Bombay under guidance of Prof. Girish Kumar. From July 2004 to December 2005, I worked as a lecturer at Academy of Technology. Currently I am a lecturer at Bengal Engineering and Science University (Bengal Engineering College).

Apart from academic interest, my hobby includes aquarium, gardening, electronics projects and computer. I like to listen all types of music including Indian-foreign pop-rock-folk-tabla-piano.

I like to play Foot-ball, Cricket, Badminton, Table tennis but now a days quite reluctant. Now strongly dislike Cricket specially watching matches on TV.

Non-vegetarian foods like egg-roll, moglaai-paratha, chicken-cutlet, Fish-fry or vegetarian dishes like dal-rice-begun bhaja, luchii alur dam make me nostalgic.

I am totally against war and just cannot tolerate killing/torturing people in the name of nation, religion or race.


Currently Working On

Passive RF circuits:

bullet Power dividers and couplers
bullet Filters
bullet Matching networks
bullet Various antenna feed lines

Active networks:

bullet Hybrid phase shifter


bullet Microstrip Antennas (Broadband/Compact/Multi-feed/CP/Conformal)
bullet Ultra-Broadband monopole antennas
bullet Horn antennas
bullet Reflector antennas
bullet Yagi-Uda antenna (Wire/Microstrip)
bullet Log-periodic antenna (Wire/Microstrip)

Microstrip Antenna Arrays:

bullet UHF, Ka, X band arrays (High gain)
bullet Circularly Polarized array
bullet Conformal array

Different RF models/numerical methods

bullet Transmission Line Model (TLM)
bullet Multi-port Network Model (MNM)
bullet Finite Difference Method (FDM)
bullet Contour Integral Method (CIM)
bullet Method of Moment (MOM)