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(Don't read it, if you don't like or use computers)

I like computer( So what!). Almost 8 years I am in touch with it. It was a day of 33 MHz 386. Now it is matured and turned into 2 GHz Pentium IV or. 16 (4 bit) color has turned into 32 bit color. Desktop is "active" with satellite movements and very recent satellite weather pictures (Add it as Active Desktop item, Internet Explorer) or XMMS visualization plug-in (download binary). 1 GB Hard disk is now 20 GB but still makes me angry and mad!

And it radiates

We have recently done some interesting EMI/EMC measurements in our laboratory. A very crude way of measuring and observing the effect of electromagnetic and static field is to probe with ac voltmeter. And here is some measured values:


bulletEverything including mains off  0.00 V everywhere.
bulletAll equipments off, and mains on  2.3 V 1m away from the printer SMPS and 2' away from computer SMPS. 
bulletComputer SMPS off, printer SMPS on 1.8 V. (probe is in the same place)
bulletCPU and printer turned on 3.6 V (probe is in the same place)
bulletCPU, printer, and Monitor on 5.7 V (without changing probe position)   


The same measurement have been carried out for other computers to and for everything switched on, upto 7 V was measured. 


So, my dear friend, always try to switch off the monitor when you are not working for some time and obviously before closing the lab switch off everything. It is not a question of computer health but our health. Haven't you ever felt something unusual with your fingers when you are working with a computer for a long time? Haven't you ever seen your hands are sweating during working with mouse?  

* I'll measure the computer radiations with field probes and results will be published in this page.

And it is a good room heater

We had to use fans at even 4:30 am in the morning during last winter when air cooler went bad.

And it burns

Try to get the smell, .... something is burning. Just enter your lab from outside where computers are ON and coolers are OFF. Feel it, isn't it burning ?

And it just eats huge electrical energy

See the IP scan result for last Saturday at 3:00 am. Only a group of IP's were scanned and 1147 computers were found ON.

Let us assume that 400 Watt power is consumed by an average modern computer (Think of your computer (CPU) as a 150 watt light bulb !!). Which means 1147x400 Watt =  458800 Watt. Hey, are you listening? Could you please make it OFF, when you are not really using is.

Once again it made me mad after being hanged. Stupid still radiating !!  

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