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Character Profiles

Suzaku no Miko

Real Name:Yuuki Miaka
Character:Has none
Birthday:May 12th
Power:Summoning Suzaku
InterestReading Manga & Eating
Miaka is the hyper, naive, happy-go-lucky, never thinks of herself before others girl that is the main character of the show. She starts out as a regular teenager that is 'trying' to study for her school exams. She is totally in love with Tamahome, she 'likes' Hotohori but only as a friend while he totally loves her. Miaka is really funny and her reactions to some things are so funny. During the middle and end seem to turn more 'emotional' than funny though. Miaka gets involved in all of this, when she went to the library with her best friend, Yui. She ended up following this red 'bird' and ended up finding this ancient book and her and Yui being sucked into it. They were saved by slave-traders from a young man, Tamahome, and that's where everything started. After Yui went back to Tokyo on accident, Miaka stayed in that unknown place. There she found out she was the Suzaku no Miko, and she has to find the 7 Seishi in order to call out Suzaku and make any three wishes she desires. She's pretty cool, but she isn't my favorite character.


Real Name:Sou Kishuku
Character:"Oni" (Ogre)
Character Location:Forhead
Birthplace:Hakko Village,Juso prefecture,Konan Empire
Birthday:June 28
Senshi Power:Martial Arts & Can form Ki blasts
InterestMiaka,his family,and Money
Tamahome was the first seishi to appear. He saved Miaka and Yui from these slave trader people. He was actually pretty rude and Miaka didn't like him at first, but still wanted to stay with him since he was the only person she knew after Yui went back to Tokyo by accident. He's a COOL character, and even though he isn't my favorite I liked him a lot. He was my favorite character at first, but after I saw Hotohori and Chichiri, he kinda just went down my favorite list, but of course that's my own opinion. I have a friend that likes Tamahome a lot better than Hotohori. Anyway, he had a sick father and his younger sisters and brothers until Suboshi killed them all when he thought that his brother, Amiboshi, died. SO SAD!!!! His younger siblings were just children too, and so kawaii! I skipped that episode, I didn't want tot watch it, YES!! I AM A CHICKEN...who cares. I'll watch it some day, like when I'm less emotional to things. Anyway, he is one of the seishi that did NOT die. In fact, in the end he ends up in Tokyo with Miaka, with Yui and her as friends again. The first time he goes to Tokyo, he kinda freaks out when he finds out he is a 'character' in the book, but he says something like he was created to protect Miaka, and it was a 'romantic' moment. (awwwww)I think he is pretty much the main character after Miaka.


Real Name:Saihitei Seishuku
Senshi Name:Hotohori
Character Location:Left Side of Neck
Birthplace:Palace of Eiyou,Capital of Konan
Birthday:April 2
Senshi Power:Excellent swordsmen & his sword can deflect almost any Ki blast
InterestBeing Emperor,Loving Miaka,Fashion,Helping People
Hotohori is my OVERALL favorite character in ALL of Fushigi Yuugi. He's just so cool, so sweet, so EVERYTHING. Hotohori is the emperor of Konan and the second suzaku seishi to appear in the picture. Miaka accidently mistakens him for a girl, and finds out later that he's actually a guy. Hotohori was always felt lonely, and when he was younger only the story of the Suzaku no Miko made him feel like he had someone. So when Miaka, the Suzaku no Miko, came, he fell madly in love with her. Unfortunately, she already cared and loved Tamahome. Despite this, Hotohori still was willing to risk his life to protect her. Nuriko loved him though, and I don't think he knew. At least, in the episodes I watched he didn't know. He has three brothers and two sisters, all of them having different mothers. He eventually gets married to another girl, who he also loves but still love Miaka, and they have a son, and then when he does one on one against Nakago, in the war against Suzaku and Seiryuu(sp?), NAKAGO KILLED HIM!!! WAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! He died, I couldn't believe sad....*sniff sniff* Stupid Idiotic Nakago who happens to be so cute and smart and cruel at the same time.


Real Name:Chou Ryuen
Senshi Name:Nuriko
Character:"Yanagi" -- Willow
Character Location:Chest
Birthplace:no clue
Birthday:March 10
Senshi Power:Superhuman Strength
Interests:Fashion & Hotohori
I felt really sad when he died too. So sad!!! Nuriko is the third seishi to be found. He was found in Hotohori's palace as one of those ladies that stay there, forgot what they're called. He helped lift up this big stone thing (heh...forgot what it was called) off of Miaka and Hotohori. Um....oh yeah....we don't find out that Nuriko is a guy and not a girl until later on, that part was REALLY funny, so hilarious. Even though Nuriko is not my overall favorite character in Fushigi Yuugi, he's really funny and he's soo cool, I know I have been saying that about everybody but who cares. Oh YEAH!!! How can I forget!!! He's also in LOVE with Hotohori, but I think Hotohori is obvilivous to it...(I think I spelled that word wrong, in fact...I know I spelled that word wrong).


Real Name:Ri Houjun
Senshi Name:Chichiri
Character:Sho "Well"
Character Location:Right Knee
Birthplace:no clue
Birthday:May 21
Age:24,but 26 in the OAVs
Senshi Power:Ki(Chi) Blasts, SD mode, Teleportation, Form Changing, Create Force Fields
Interests:Fishing and Wandering
In the series, Chichiri always seems to carry around his cloak (kesa?), star hat(kasa?), his prayer beads around his neck, and his staff. After every sentence he seems to add a "no da?" after it, sooooooo kawaii. He always wears this mask that makes him look happy all the time, but behind it hides this big scar across his eye, which has to do with his past. In which, when he was only 18 years old, he was engaged to this girl making her his fiancee. He caught her kissing his best friend, Hikou, and he was soooo upset. His fiancee, thinking that she was no longer good for Chichiri, killed herself. Chichiri took it the wrong way, and thought that she killed herself because she couldn't be with Hikou. Chichiri, ended up calling Hikou out to fight and it just so happened a flood came. During the fight, Hikou almost fell in but Chichiri manages to grab him just in time. Unfortunately, a log comes and jabs Chichiri causing him to let go of Hikou's hand, and he dies. Because of the log he has a major scar runnng across his right eye. Because of what happened he went to Taiitsukun, and stayed there for three years. Chichiri acts really cute and stupid with his mask on, but with it off he is soo serious, and still cute. Chichiri is also one of my favorites for this series, he is sooo cool. And he is the eldest of all the other seishi so he tends to be the wisest....not the smartest because that position is appointed to Chiriko.


Real Name:Kou Shun'u
Senshi Name:Tasuki
Character:"Yoku" -- Wing
Character Location:Right Forearm
Birthplace:Konan Country, Kou-Shuu, Taito-shi, at the base of Mt. Leikaku
Birthday:April 18
Height:around 6'1
Senshi Power:Drinking, Arguing, Cursing, and Teasing
Interests:Martial Arts & Tessen (Iron Fan) that can shoot out fire, and has paper talismen
I haven't seen Fushigi Yuugi in such a long time, so if I don't get any of this right please tell me. Tasuki is cool, I like his attitude, there's always someone like that in every anime, well at least it seems that way. If I remember correctly, I think he's the fourth seishi to be found. Miaka, Tamahome, and Hotohori went to find him when Chichiri acted as Hotohori in the palace. Miaka, Tamahome, and Hotohori ended up being kidnapped by these group of theives, and then that's where the group meets him. The part where the gang thinks Hotohori is a girl is sooooooo fuuny. Tasuki is soo cool, and he has this attitude that is also soooo cool. Anyway, that's all I can say right now.


Real Name:Myou Jyuan
Senshi Name:Mitsukake
Character:"Shin" (Sadness)
Character Location:Left Palm
Birthday:May 7
Senshi Power:Healer
Interests:Taking care of his cat and caring for others
He died giving his life trying to heal or give life to another person, at the closing of the series. He was the healer of the group, and was pretty quiet for most of the part. The first time we see him, he is looks like a bum, who was really ugly and had a beard. But when we see him the second time, he saves Miaka and, man, is he CUTE!!! We find out later on, that he had a fiance that died, because he had to go off and help someone else and didn't get back in time to save her. He felt soo guilty, that he stopped helping people for a while. He's really sweet and I like him a lot.


Real Name:Ou Doukun
Senshi Name:Chiriko
Character:Not sure,English translation: stretched
Character Location:Left Foot
Birthplace:western Konan (Jouzen-shi)
Birthday:March 19
Senshi Power:Intelligence
Interests:Reading & Researching
I have to admit the first time I saw chiriko was on the internet, and I thought he was a girl. A very small little girl, and then to my HUGE surprise I find out that he's a boy. Ok!! Being 13, he is the youngest out of all the seishi. Um...he is first mistakened for Amiboshi. Everybody saw Amiboshi first and saw they thought he was Chiriko, they find the real Chiriko shortly after, kinda. His dream is to be a governor official, and being 13 after all he is the youngest person to ever pass the first of the series of exams a person needs to take to obtain that position. Unfortunately, he's only this smart with his character appearing. Once his character disappears he's just a normal kid, and not very smart...and NO OFFENSE, I think he's cute Chiriko fans....kinda stupid. As for strength, he doesn't have any fighting abilities. I think in the series he's the first one to die, sooooo sad. I'm not sure though.

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