Sukie Crandall's List of Critical Ferret References

Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 12:00:55 -0500
From: Sukie Crandall sukiecrandall@TELOCITY.COM

Important note:
Currently anything associated with the names "Acme" and "Howard or Anne Davis" link directly into a porn site but websites have not fixed links.

ADV info and testing info:

Ask ferret experts and vets, access archives, use files and bookmarks:

Poison Control: (alternative addy if the ASPCA Poison Control one doesn't work.)

Veterinary sites with ferret-expert vets: (ferret pathology and health care site by vet who is world expert on several things including ECE) (esp. excellent vet for surgical techniques, circulatory info, teaching videos, more) (many common problems on site incl. blockage info) (many common problems on site and spaying info) and (vet page with very detailed adrenal and insulinoma info) (multiple ferret health articles, with plans to also add more, and add some to in the future. See experimental insulinoma approach.)

Veterinary sites with non-ferret experts (barring changes):

Sites which have health articles by vets, in addition to ones by others: and (include info you won't find elsewhere) (vets providing multiple pieces of health information, and telling about California-specific concerns) (medical info, including from vets, and including some topics not seen in many places like first aid kits, or dental hygiene, or holiday hazards) (National Ferret Welfare Society in the UK, including vet articles on things not found often elsewhere like castration, or abscesses)

Ways to link to important health sites:

Excellent foundation material, natural history, and links (multiple languages):

Rabies material: (American Veterinary Medical Assoc. incl. The Compendium of Animal Rabies Control at which should be given to all emergency rooms in human-hospitals)

Deafness in ferrets:

Food: (food comparison chart)

Drugs and other medical products not yet listed: (Compendium of Veterinary products) (list of some compounding pharmacies) (travel chairs and mobility aids)

Political-health things: (federal reporting of adverse veterinary drug reactions) (animal welfare act) and (fed. regulations and more), and and and (hoarding and how it hurts animals)

Cardiac from non-ferret specialists who can still be helpful: (info from vet on heartworms in several animals, including ferrets.
Be sure to see the miamiferret site above for more specific heartworm info as well.) (heart info from veterinary cardiologists)

Understanding medical terms and further resources: (on-line medical dictionary) (insurance) (epidemiological cedar and pine info) (veterinary articles to search among) (zoonoses, for those weird times when you share something other than just influenza with your ferrets)

Sites I STILL have to check (for safety data on cleaning products):