Employees are Slaves, & so are Masters


The USA never ended slavery because EMPLOYEES are not OWNERS, so they're slaves, servants, & landless peasants who are forced to sell themselves into slavery, 40-100 hrs a week, writing "perfect resumes" (or be rejected) & accept whatever wage is offered or starve, & work or die of boredom, even if they're extremely sick & dying.  "Wage cuts to increase PROFITS" proves that we're all slaves with NO CONTROL.  They teach the "Entrepreneurial Myth" which enslaves entrepreneurs (& most fail thru no fault of their own).  It was easier to be a successful entrepreneur in 1900 than today because there were far fewer people, & capitalism seemed to "succeed" because there was lots of empty land & there were no TVs, videos or even radios to teach people how to do anything right, & capitalists still think they're doing everything right. >> http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0004986.html

Every college/university teaches slavery for wages to the world's smartest people who are starving so they can't earn money to buy out-of-date books.  Today college grads earn 5-10 times more than their parents earned at the same age because "education" didn't exist, & they were too poor to attend the colleges that did exist.  Most crimes happen in ghettos that were built by capitalists, & every crime involves houses &/or cars, so capitalism caused all the crimes, & also all wars to "create jobs" that shouldn't exist, which makes capitalists mass murderers.

Most people are renter-slaves, debt-slaves, & taxpayer slaves, & we're all slaves to needing confusing insurance, loans, bank accounts, & many forms of slavery.  http://www.oxfordstudent.com/2003-10-09/news/

Masters are slaves in many ways: insurance, debt, taxes, slaves to their slaves etc.  Masters are especially slaves to fear that when they fire a slave, they might come back & kidnap their child for ransom or kill their entire family which happened many times & shows the wage causes all crimes.  Franchises enslave the richest slaves to hiring/firing slaves, etc.  The children who INHERIT their wealth don't have to DO anything to get their wealth, like work day & night which all people are taught & forced to do by capitalists, & usually the rich people marry other rich people & they can't spend enough to ever "spread the wealth" like capitalists teach.  See Jobs, Bosses, & co-workers From Hell because masters & slaves & few people who are slaves can get along with each other:  http://messages.yahoo.com/bbs?action=topics&board=1600934139&sid=1600934139&type=r

The rich rule over the poor, so the billionaires are masters of millionaires, many of whom have no education at all, therefore capitalism is slaves who hire slaves, who hire slaves, etc--& they cheat each other in a million ways, & constantly complain or commit crimes, including infanticide & mass murders, often by rich slaves.  The rich & famous people in Hollywood are still slaves because they get paid a wage, even babies like the Olsen twins who became billionaires before their teens.  They're paying the rich Hilton twin inheritors to make TV shows while children starve, & Hilton Hotels never should have existed.  The rich build mansions ("America's Castles") that requires slave-servants to maintain, & separate mansions destroy the Earth.  In capitalism very few ever get rich except by sheer luck, or by doing something shady, illegal or inheriting.   Many people today still hire maids & house cleaning servant-slaves: http://www.mywebsearch.com/jsp/GGmain.jsp?searchfor=maids&st=kwd&ptnrS=ZNxdm273&tpr=rel0

The MAJORITY of the destitute in the United States are white women & their children, many formerly middle-class. About 22 million women today remain dependent on their husband's income, which is slavery. Never having worked or not in decades, they are "just a man away from poverty".   By blindly insisting that everyone lives in a family structure that NEVER EXISTED except among the well-to-do (& then only for the last two centuries), men can go on treating motherhood as a personal choice women make for their own satisfaction, & for which neither men nor society is responsible!  Judges do not order men to support their children in over 40% of cases when mothers get custody; when they do, they award them roughly $10 to $40 a week--a laughable amount considering what it costs to house, feed, clothe, provide medical care, & educate a child. Even if judges do order men to support their children, the overwhelming majority of men fail to do so. 

The wage will cause worsening poverty if we let it continue since corporations will continue to invest in labor-saving technology to eliminate all of the wage jobs, &/or move to poor nations & pay lower wages, & populations will continue to grow more rapidly as poverty increases, so we have no choice now but to end the wage.  (EX: 44M can't find jobs, & Bush said there were 32,000 jobs created, & most jobs are unrewarding, dangerous, & deadly.)  The wage is causing an "American Holocaust" of suicides, crimes, & death in many ways because the wage is a temporary income, so USA has to lead the world to Freedom:  giving every person a Guaranteed (Residual) Income (GRI via an ATM card) & working part-time, which is Freedom.  http://www.michaelparenti.org/HiddenHolocaust.html

"In no other country does the RULING CLASS wage such a ferocious and relentless campaign against socialism as in the United States. From the moment of birth, every American is subjected to a barrage of anti-socialist propaganda. Workers should ask themselves why this is. What are they afraid of? Is it mere coincidence that of all the industrialized countries, the US is where the elevation of profit and personal wealth over social needs is most entrenched, where capital exercises its rule over labor most ruthlessly, and the concentration of wealth is most brazen and obscene?"

The wage obviously causes unequal wealth & is the cause of all job discrimination by name, race, education, appearance, ability etc, & the rising wage causes inflation.  (Child slavery -- http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/IRchild.main.htm

The world was forced into needing money & working for wages ("When Corporations Rule the World"), so we're all slaves as long as there is any poverty or unequal wealth anywhere on the Earth because there never should have been any poverty or unequal wealth.  Therefore, as long as money exists every person is a slave.  And every person is a slave until all nations begin to build live/work Towers connected to Trains so people can all work part-time because T&T eliminates most work.

The wage slowed & stopped progress by causing most people to be so poor they couldn't possibly invent things or start their own business to help the world progress faster, although we're taught that the wage helped progress.  Millions wanted to be doctors but couldn't afford college.  Africa has 95% unemployment which shows the wage is the cause of poverty, & a GRI/ATM is the solution.   We would have had computers decades earlier if not for the poverty caused by the wage.  Most people seem to love enslaving themselves to work-slavery & school-slavery because if not for that, they'd have nothing to do, & they can't seem to imagine ever having much fun in life.

The wage system means mothers must abandon their newborns, toddlers & kids up to teenagers so the parent/s can work, even if they're up all night with sick babies & never sleep, perhaps working as a nanny or babysitter (10-12 hrs a day) caring for someone else's babies 50+hrs/wk for 50+ yrs which has caused infanticide for centuries & still does today.   Capitalists never thought that both parents should stay home & raise their own kids, & work together part-time (as doctors & scientists) when the kids (& babysitters) sleep in live/work TOWERS & TRAINS (with added small, fast, safe modes of transportation) because there's always been a housing shortage crisis, & individual houses shouldn't exist: http://www.wosu.org/tv/lustron/history.php.  Retail shopping will now be eliminated by online shopping because it never should have existed--it was a slave system to pay wages.

Notice the ignorance in not knowing this was child slavery (age 3 & up) in early 20th century "free" America until 1941, & it never should have been legal.  http://www.boondocksnet.com/gallery/nclc/nclc_money.html   If the children were sick for a long time they were dismissed & left to starve because they were often the family's sole providers.  This still goes on today for millions of American children, often enslaved by their own parents working in family business or delivering newspapers, so of course it's much worse in poor nations.  So capitalist wage-slavery is "Liberty & Justice for no one, especially children!"  They had to work for food or starve & couldn't attend school, or learn to dance, sing, play games, or have any fun--they just worked 12-16 hrs a day to "build America into a strong nation."   Today our children are still slaves in our antiquated school system all the way thru college, where they must work & seldom get exercise or have fun (although they think they do, as do most adult slaves).  And we finally realize that no child is/was ever safe playing outside in the city or rural areas because it's national news (at last--sometimes but not always, depending on their race) when a child is kidnapped, murdered by parents, drowned, run over by cars, etc.

Most people prefer to be slaves to the 3 biggest slave plantations (Corporations, Governments & Religions which hire the most slaves worldwide) to get idol "benefits" which also create many jobs that should NOT exist, & it's easier to let someone else handle all the CONFUSION of insurance, etc.  Today the confusion caused by the capitalist wage is at such a climax that no one can handle it, so when we end the wage it will end all confusion & we'll be free at last.  It's much cheaper for corporations, governments & religions & some/most small businesses to let slaves SELL themselves into slavery for wages & pay for their own health care, insurance, etc, than it is to have to BUY & SELL the slaves but it leaves more people without health care so hospitals are forced to close.   Corporations rule over governments today, but most people blame governments instead of corporations for being the worst "Big Brothers".


Most slaves don't know how to sell themselves or find any job even with college degrees, what wage to ask for, how/when to ask for a raise (they fear getting fired), & most are too sick to work 40-hrs/week, much less 80-100.  Slaves are required to give 2 weeks notice before quitting, but the masters can fire a slave at any second & slaves must leave immediately without having another job lined up.  Most slaves "succeed" only because they get their first job with the help of Daddy/Mommy & sheer luck.

Here's the link to a Dateline story about CHILD PROSTITUTES which is caused by the Capitalist wage system which is slavery, headed by USA & UK (force people to BUY & SELL something or starve):  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4038249/

Anyone would do evil (including me) building roads, vehicles, houses, small buildings, weapons, selling insurance, etc, to get a wage rather than starve. All crimes were caused by all previous generations of wage-slavery & non-wage slavery, because oppression makes wise men do insane things.  Many parents & grandparents abused/hated/killed their own kids/grandkids because of stress/debt to cars, houses, renting, etc which shouldn't exist, & most parents are forced to leave their kids with slave-babysitters (usually strangers) who have 6-10+ kids that one person can't possibly care for safely (until they're 65 or 105!) in small houses & apartments far from hospitals, & no one is able to learn much in this system.  No one ever taught anyone how to raise healthy kids (most can't afford food/medicine) because capitalism is about "profits before children" so they let millions starve.

Minimum wage laws don't help many slaves because in the '50's Walt Disney paid authorities to look the other way so he could pay below the minimum wage to his slaves, which was only $2.50/hr which they couldn't live on, & it still happens today, & Disney got rich by making evil-theme cartoons for kids.  Minimum-wage laws hurt "small business owners" whose companies shouldn't exist anyway.  Franchises enslave the richest slaves & poor slaves, & shouldn't be legal.  Capitalists built American cities which are dirty & ugly crime-pit ghettos, where few people want to live but most are forced to,  & there's nothing to do but work-slavery & school-slavery, but for some reason most Americans think this is a beautiful nation.  Office vacancy rates are skyrocketing because none of the offices should have been built because there was & still is a severe housing shortage.  We should have built only live/work Towers & Trains because T&T will help clean up the Earth, so all things could be recycled.

The USA & UK are the 2 most powerful nations that lead the world INTO this subtle form of paid slavery & cause world poverty, crimes & wars, which the whole world now believes is the best system because USA & UK Capitalists forced all attempts of Socialism & Communism to fail by creating harmful wage jobs building everything wrong (autos kill 50,000+/yr) so that 100-yr olds & 6 yr olds are forced to drive cars to get anywhere or else they're slaves in their small rural houses, & also in suburbs.   

Example:   Target has 309,241 slaves; Marriott has 137,399 slaves; Kraft Foods has 53,964 slaves; General Electric has 165,897 slaves; ETC.

USA was being taught in the 50's "Planned obsolescence" (make things to purposely fall apart) to help corporations stay in business by constantly having to resell items that broke which were/are more expensive to repair than replace, & it created jobs for repairmen, but throwing out broken items filled up landfills, & is wasteful pollution.   If all things were made to last forever, it would eliminate all the work eventually which destroys capitalism because it eliminates millions of wage jobs.  ("The Waste Makers") http://www.uow.edu.au/arts/sts/sbeder/columns/engcol8.html

USA & UK still spend billions on security & law enforcement instead of ending the wage to end world poverty & crime & wars.  I encourage others to start their own anti-capitalist websites & put a link to mine & send me links to yours because we have to let people know that many are rejecting this evil wage system.

Be very careful to whom you say this because capitalist slaves are still very dangerous & some will kill people or get them fired for not loving their subtle slave system because they can't believe it's slavery if they're rich--or poor--because they get paid, & they can't believe that Perfection is possible (or easy!).

Looking backwards, long ago we all should have begun working part-time building beautiful fireproof, earthquake-proof 100-story live/work TOWERS connected to maglev TRAINS (T&T) because there's always been a severe housing shortage (which causes crime), but capitalists prevented that by teaching & enforcing slavery for wages (they apparently didn't think that employees are slaves because they get paid).  Each tower should have hospitals open 24x7, micro-factories 24x7, indoor stadiums 24x7, playgrounds 24x7, automated nearby farms, etc & most things made locally.   T&T would eliminate most of the work & the dangerous stressful commutes, to allow (or force) both parents to care for their own children, to save lives (cars kill 136 people every day, 50,000 a year, including children) & save the Earth (from cars/pollution, roads, houses, paper/trash, lawns/lawnmowers, etc).  It's urgent that all nations begin to build T&T because of the housing shortage, suburban sprawl destroys the Earth & poverty will cause worse overpopulation & destroys the earth as people spread out, so T&T is the only solution for every person & nation.   T&T destroys capitalist wage-slavery & proves "The American Dream" was a lie because most (none) of the jobs would have existed--from cars, roads, houses, restaurants to hotels to pornography, lotteries & everything. 

It's insane not to have free computer learning for the whole world because no one can survive in this wage system without an education or speak perfect English (they can't read/write/math to pay bills, etc).....or WITH education since all we're taught in schools is slavery for wages.  [See left column for "Many Forms of Slavery" & "Ways wage-slavery slowed or stopped progress."]  Online bill paying should prove that if all people had a Guaranteed Income (ATM card) & a computer that money (& poverty & crime) would no longer exist.

People think the millions/billions of restaurants are a good idea for "creating jobs" (also child care), & now there are too many restaurants, so they'd better think again after reading about "Typhoid Mary" (runny noses, cuts on hands, lack of soap/hot water etc) & think of the poorest people who must work in restaurants (or child care--none of which should exist) because they couldn't afford education:  http://www.newsday.com/extras/lihistory/7/hs702a.htm   Capitalists always ASSUMED every person would find a job (even MILLIONS of young orphans in Africa, etc??!), or find another job if theirs is lost to automation.  They ASSUME every person will get married for two incomes (or 1) so mothers/children don't starve, & will love whatever job they can find, that no parent wants to care for their own newborns/children.  And amazingly, they ASSUME that poor people don't WANT to buy good food & medicine for their sick kids, & many other wrong assumptions because they never knew the wage was slavery.  They assume that every person wants cars & houses & lawns to mow. 

Private land ownership is what destroyed the native Americans, taking away all of their land which only helped a few capitalists get rich SELLING their privately owned land.  It destroys the EARTH in many ways so it shouldn't be legal, but so does government & religious land ownership.  All people should own all things (it belongs to God, not a few rich people) & build TOWERS & TRAINS. Capitalist "entrepreneurs" can build dams that destroy rivers which destroys salmon runs; farmers can sell land to "developers" to build more houses which never should have existed; farmers & ranchers & developers & private land owners will kill all wild animals to "protect their private property" like centuries past; religions build too many churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, etc; & governments build small government buildings (federal, state, city) when we should have built live/work TOWERS connected to TRAINS to save the land for wildlife.

People of all nations have always been good at enslaving themselves & their own children (for survival on farms &/or to keep kids out of trouble) so of course they don't think that working for a wage is slavery.   It is a system full of idols (insurance, loans, retirements etc) that only helps some slaves, but never all slaves worldwide.  

If we don't end the wage now to end world poverty, there will soon be over 50+ billion poor people (& no wage jobs) who will keep multiplying like rats because they can't afford birth control, & that will destroy the Earth.   About 40 million humans perish every year worldwide because of the wage system lead by USA & UK.  Most nations built zoos because most people were & are too poor to buy a book with photos of animals to learn what they are, just like early 20th century America (& many today).  See rich & poor stats worldwide: http://www.oocities.com/lionofjudah2021/richpoor.html

Capitalism means we must wait until something kills many people (including many children) before anything is done to make it safer.  For example, it took decades to pass laws to require manufacturers to add car seat belts & require child car seats, & every violent death stops progress since every person could invent things to save lives if they hadn't been killed or starved to death.  Car radios probably caused more crashes & deaths than anything, but they're passing laws against using cell phones while driving.   Imagine it's your kids or other loved ones who get decapitated in car crashes.  Now do you want Towers & Trains to save your children?

Capitalists hate any "get rich quick scheme" even for starving orphans (except lotteries & gambling, where billionaires can win millions while orphans starve).  American children are still arrested for stealing food today when food should be free but isn't because capitalists believe in a wage system instead of a Guaranteed Income to eliminate money. http://test.eagleherald.com/nabu0401.asp

--The original American fortune-builders, the Robber Barons of the 19th century... were all without hardly an exception FAINTLY EDUCATED or ILLITERATE lower-class men... and many from even further down: unskilled laborers, farmers, wandering adventurers.  ["The Rich & Super-Rich" by Ferdinand Lundberg; proves education doesn't end poverty]

--Capitalism gave birth to Communism because the wages were so low that the families were working day & night, including the children, & still starving, which means that (American) capitalists were actually the murderers of the people killed by communists.  USA & UK Capitalists forced all attempts at Socialism (love thy neighbor) to fail.  It's a system where most people get to watch a few rich people who have all the fun.  Teenagers must work while grown men get to play golf & do fun things.  Cost of living in 1900 Chicago stats shows they were slaves to rich masters, & shows that capitalists built America into the ghetto that it is today by paying low wages building everything wrong to "create jobs" that shouldn't exist, & shows the USA causes world poverty with capitalism:

--Fully half of the early settlers of Jamestown (1606) were 'Gentlemen,' whose code of conduct forbade them to do any physical labor, so they brought many indentured servant-slaves with them.  That is a concept that still continues today & is what the colleges basically teach: get rich & hire others to do their work for them, including hiring nannies to raise their children, cooks & gardeners, etc, so they don't have to work much if at all.  ("The Light & the Glory" Peter Marshall)  Those who came were all debt-slaves to "investors" hoping to get rich off the labors of settlers who could barely survive, let alone pay back their loans (like today--rather than give all people a Guaranteed Income & work part-time & really end slavery & world poverty; a GI wasn't possible then, but it sure is now with modern TECHNOLOGY).

--Before the Civil War, the Planters said theirs was a system superior to that of the North [which it was], where paid [slaves] were hired & fired as needed, with little concern for their well-being & livelihood [like today, most of whom can't possibly fend for themselves].  There were house slaves & field slaves, just like today.  http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/USASdomestic.htm

--Each slave plantation was owned by one family (like Microsoft today) who didn't pay most black slaves, although some were paid.  They paid meager wages to white overseer-managers [CEO's] who were often quite evil to real slaves, because it would help them keep their own slave-job. http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/USASoverseers.htm)  

--Slaves had to escape to Canada because they couldn't be free in the northern USA, because even whites could be imprisoned & murdered for aiding them, & blacks born free could be returned to the south as slaves.

--"BLACK SLAVE OWNERS in South Carolina, 1790-1860" tells of many slaves who were paid & able to BUY their own freedom, which wasn't really freedom because even the masters of today are slaves to taxes, overwork, hiring/firing slaves, debt, fear of crimes, etc.   Rewards were offered for the return of escaped slaves who ran away simply to see their family at another corporate slave plantation.  Black slave masters sold their slaves when they became dissatisfied with their conduct, which is the same as getting fired today.   http://americancivilwar.com/authors/black_slaveowners.htm

--Many slaves were fathered by the white & black masters who raped female slaves, & some of the children were treated like slaves while others were not.   When obedient slaves rebelled, like Nat Turner, & killed many white masters, the slave masters became more oppressive, rather than end the slave system (including the wage) to save their own & their children's lives from future 'crimes' & the need for more prisons.

--Some masters & slaves loved each other but there were laws against inter-racial marriage, which was slavery that existed as recently as 1967.   Still today 29% of Americans think inter-racial marriage is wrong which is slavery continuing.  http://www.marriageequality.org/facts.php?page=historical_look

--After the Civil War the masters were forced to pay the slaves a meager wage which they hated doing because most of them were broke, & if the slaves asked for more wages many white planters often lynched whole families.  (Ken Burns "American Experience: The Second Civil War"--go to "Behind the Scenes" & then "Transcript.")   http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/reconstruction/   Also watch PBS "Colonial House," "1900 house" & "1940 House" to see more modern slavery & why people wanted "servants" who were/are paid slaves.

--The "former slaves" had been given land by the Govt. & they wanted to grow food, but the land was later taken away & returned to the "former masters" who forced the "former slaves" to work for low wages growing COTTON, which proves that people will gladly work to grow food if they aren't slaves for wages forced to do jobs that shouldn't exist (all restaurants, hotels, zoos, museums, cars, roads, houses, & every company).

--The plantations still had (paid) maids, butlers, nannies, etc, like many people today worldwide.  http://www.usaweekend.com/02_issues/020714/020714moneysmart.html

--Masters taught them the "entrepreneurial" MYTH that if they work hard & save they can "own their own business" which most slaves can't ever do because their wage is too low, or they're too sick or disabled, etc.  It's more profitable for masters to pay wages & tell slaves to buy their own health care (which most can't afford to do) than it is for masters to pay for their slaves' health care, which is why corporations like Microsoft want to hire temp slaves.  They still teach the myth that
education-ends-poverty when it doesn't for most people.  "Rugged individualism" was another capitalist lie that causes poverty & death which must stop because it's "hate your neighbor" when no one could survive without all people in communities working together & helping each other (love your neighbor).

--Black children could be seized from their families & forced to work in the fields.  If a black man had no job, he could be jailed & auctioned to a planter for his labor [which is slavery & shows why we still need prisons].  (Still today, black children are seldom able to attend preschool/other classes for toddlers because their parents can't afford it & they're blamed for being behind.)

--Some slaves chose to continue living on the plantation & work for their "former masters" for small wages & they had no choice but to be RENTER-slaves for the same shanty they had lived in as "real slaves", which shows why millions are still renter-slaves & debt-slaves.  More than 14 million US families are forced to rent because of their low wage (& houses & apartments & offices, etc, shouldn't exist--only T&T).  http://nefe.nclweb.org/housing/housing.htm

--Some of those whom capitalists called the "most dangerous people" were those like Mother Jones who wanted to end child slavery or help American child slaves; Emma Goldman who talked about birth control (& many were arrested); union organizers who wanted to help slaves get better wages & safer work conditions, even for children; Black Panther Party who wanted to feed children, & many more.  Capitalists executed many people for not liking capitalism--read about Haymarket in 1886 Chicago. http://www.lucyparsonsproject.org/haymarket/haymarket_statements.htm#Spies

--It was impossible for the US Govt. to force corporations to change, even to make food safer, & corporations still rule over governments.  See "Events & issues; food production")  http://kclibrary.nhmccd.edu/decade00.html 

--Millions of young white American children were forced to work until 1941 to feed their families & had no time or energy to attend schools, & most schools didn't exist (children of migrant workers still work today; teens at McDonalds etc).   The factories often turned the clocks ahead 5-10 minutes to get more work out of the slaves for free.

On 7/7/1903, 300 men, women & children, led by Mother Jones, set off from Philadelphia to President Roosevelt's home at Oyster Bay, Long Island... The children carried banners with slogans: "We want to go to school! We want time to PLAY!"

"Fifty years ago there was a cry against slavery, & the men of the North gave up their lives to stop the selling of black children on the block. TODAY THE WHITE CHILD is sold for $2 a WEEK to the manufacturer. 50 years ago black babies were sold C.O.D. TODAY the WHITE BABY is SOLD to the manufacturer on the INSTALLMENT PLAN. He might DIE at his tasks & the manufacturer with his automobile & YACHT & the daughter who talks French to a poodle dog, cannot afford to pay $2 a WEEK for the child who might die... these little toilers, deformed in BODY, soul & morality, with NOTHING BUT TOIL before them & NO chance for SCHOOLING, don't even have the DREAM that they might someday have a chance at the Presidential chair..."

--The manager-slaves, who knew nothing about germs, flu, colds, cancers, learning disabilities etc, & had whipping rooms for "lazy" children, & they were given a bandage & sent back to work if they cut off their fingers.   It is a fact that children were found in greatest number where the conditions of labor were MOST DANGEROUS to life & health which killed & maimed for life many children... [We all should have been doctors & scientists.  The Civil Rights movement & all labor union strikes were/are slave rebellions.]

--"Previous to the passage of the factory law of 1893... the [white] children [worked] from 7am to 9pm, with 20 minutes for lunch, & no supper, a work week of 82 HOURS!   [Not counting the 2+ mile walk to work & back home in snow, & they had no time & were too tired to go to school to learn to read & write, & most schools didn't exist.  They were discriminated against perhaps because they couldn't speak any English, or perfect English, or they had/have 'foreign' names, & of course because of race & religion.  Slaves get hired or not hired because of their age, appearance, religion, race, as well as education level & many reasons that either stopped them or helped them to survive ("succeed").]

--CHILD LABOR is associated with the rise of industrial production & the appearance of CAPITALISM... [until the 1950's most Americans were starving farmers, but now most people are forced to live in cities to find jobs, & there will never be enough jobs so they're left to starve].

--...Idle hands were looked upon as the devil's tools, while work was thought to be MORALLY UPLIFTING -- [since there wasn't anything FUN to do, or enough schools to keep them out of trouble, but schools also cause trouble]. 

----In 1939 laws had to be passed (with great difficulty) to force Americans to replace child slavery with school-slavery, which is still needed because slave-parents need free child care, & there still isn't anything else for children to do.  They never thought children should have fun which would prevent juvenile crimes.  Schools also created many jobs for slave-teachers & construction workers who would have otherwise starved, so the education system is a slave system also--slavery of children so they can't have any fun or get exercise.

"More than 50% of arrests made (of city children) were for non-crimes like begging, fighting, gambling, jumping on streetcars, kicking the garbage can, loitering, playing football on the streets, pitching pennies, playing baseball, playing with water pistol, selling papers, shooting craps, subway disturbances... & throwing stones." [Those "criminal records" then followed them thru their whole life (to prove they were "troublemakers" which often prevented them from getting jobs as adults) until there were "laws" against it.]

Only the police were beyond reason, humoring, teasing, or incorporating into the game! There were some policemen who would look the other way as the children took over the street, but there were MORE who took seriously their "responsibility" to clear the thoroughfare of its child impediments! Mike Gold wrote "…They broke up our baseball games, confiscated our bats. They BEAT US for splashing under the fire hydrant... They hated to see us having fun."

Cadbury uses child slaves worldwide:

Child slavery in carpets which are bought in USA:

--Americans were ecstatic when the laws finally gave (some) the 40-hr work week, & capitalist media brainwashed people to work too much...& then die, because 50 years ago there were hardly any fun things to do, so they were/are happy to work all the time.  Still today most people have to work 60-80 hrs a week or more.

--Throughout history, the townsmen hated people who worked in agriculture even though they depended on them for their survival.  Many Americans still do without indoor plumbing because of their low wage:

Women in Medicine weren't allowed for a very long time.

--Before 1900, judges (paid off &/or ignorant) sympathetic to CORPORATE INTERESTS ("special interests" & capitalists) ruled that [slaves] were responsible for CAUSING THEIR OWN INJURIES on the job [even children], & limited the liability of corporations for damages they might cause, & declared wage & hour laws UNCONSTITUTIONAL.   ["When Corporations rule the World" by David Korten-- http://www.pcdf.org/corprule/corporat.htm][To this day, widows & their children are left without an income when the main wage earning father is killed on the job.  Most laws never should have existed, but they still exist today.]

--Steel history proves we could have built T&T long ago--In 1855, Henry Bessemer in England designed and built the first converter (furnace) for processing steel...Later in the 1800's, Andrew Carnegie started processing steel in very large amounts... Then John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937) got rich because he lied & told his employers "there was no future promise of oil" invested in it himself...& he was one master who kept us from building T&T, but he enslaved himself by believing the lie "we must create jobs."

--Since America had so much empty land in 1865 & even in 1945, people easily believed the advertisements (which shouldn't exist) that cars & houses equal freedom when it equals lifelong debt-slavery, work-slavery, & certain failure & early death.  When we destroy the earth building houses, vehicles, roads, schools (where children aren't allowed to play after school for fear of lawsuits), promoting tourism to "create harmful jobs", etc, we are destroying ourselves.  ("Learn")   http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2002-07-21-housing-crisis_x.htm

--One New York orphanage had 600 kids & only 1 had no parents that were living.  America had orphan trains sending kids to find families & help on farms until the 1930's because farming is hard slavery (& could have been automated long ago).  Wages are still so low that many married couples have to put all their kids into orphanages or foster homes, & disabled kids into institutions, & many parents still have to sell their children to adoption agencies.  The wage causes all infanticides worldwide by causing poverty.   http://www.alhn.org/~ahtopabp/orphanages/

[Children should be the MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE on Earth, each with TEN care-givers, parents plus others part-time, to protect each person from abuse & charges of abuse.  Most people still act like they've never heard of ANY sickness or disability, or if they can't SEE the cancer/sickness they're not sick, & they think people are poor because they're lazy but never realize that people work day & night & still can't save because of their low wage.  They should stop telling people to feed kids a healthier diet & see a doctor for sickness until they tell all people how they can afford it.]

--The media-slaves only talked about the way Communists killed huge numbers of people at once, which was obviously wrong. But capitalism killed all those people, plus millions more one by one (car crashes, suicides, insurance won't pay for tests or cancels policies when the person gets sick, every crime & war, etc).  McCarthyism in the 1950s forced people to reject anything other than capitalism or they were black-listed & unable to find work to feed their families. http://www.dimensional.com/~randl/mccart.htm

See child deaths-- left in cars because cars & houses shouldn't exist (only T&T):
30 Million Americans are affected by hunger
One in five children goes hungry part of every month because the wage is slavery.

There is now a crisis faced by US child welfare system caused by the wage.

--The Japanese slaves on Hawaii's slave plantations in 1923 worked 12+ hrs a day for $.77 a day. The men had to "save" to bring wives from Japan which took 10-15 years, if they were ever able to save enough, so during that time they needed to use prostitutes, who were only prostitutes because they had no way to make money in the wage system, which shows the wage causes prostitution, plagues & rape.  When they had wives & children, the mothers also HAD to work in the sugar fields for $.61 /day because with both parents working 120+hrs/wk they still lived close to the starvation level, so they left children with neighbors while they worked 12-15+ hrs a day, & like today seldom ever saw their kids, or had time for fun. There wasn't birth control yet, & they were extremely frugal (one outfit for most of them), but the OWNERS of the plantations had millions, if not billions.  (Read James Michener's "Hawaii" to see they were forced into working for wages.

Study "The Great Irish Famine" to see it was the same wage/debt/rent slave system that caused that famine that killed 1.5 million Irish people because they were slaves to landlords, the Monarchy, corporations, etc:  http://www.humboldt1.com/~history/lexiso/

--European Jews were capitalists who caused the holocaust against themselves & WW's I & II because the low wages they paid their slaves were what "created" Hitler who was raised poor & that made him hateful, as it does many or most people, who often end up hating their own kids who can't "keep a job" or won't get a job to support themselves etc.

 --White women couldn't vote until 1920 which was also slavery continuing.  History of women:


--Schools that did exist were segregated by race, & there's still unequal education because many schools can't afford books, sports, etc, & many kids get their only meal because of free-child-care public education because parents work but their wage is too low to buy food.

--Women were arrested for talking about birth control & it was practically illegal to use birth control in the USA until 1937.  http://www.chstm.man.ac.uk/teaching/2001-2002/hs2201/lect-2201-3.htm  The birth control pill didn't exist until 1960, so widows with 8-12 kids can barely (or can't) survive in this wage world living in cities (but neither can most single males).

This shows the slavery of American teachers in the early 20th century:

Capitalists actually think that our economic problems are because the slaves are paid too much, & if they were paid less the corporations could create more JOBS!  http://www.mlive.com/news/grpress/index.ssf?/base/news-14/1083163979157460.xml  And they must still think that slaves are poor because they're lazy, even though they work day & night, & they think slaves never get sick:  http://www.vh.org/navigation/vh/topics/adult_patient_index.html

Anything that saves lives should be free, including food, medicine, telephones & computers, but it isn't because those with wages can buy it but those without must starve, including innocent children.

The world was FORCED into working for wages:

--One of the major challenges faced by colonial administrators was to FORCE those who obtained their livelihoods from their own lands to give up lands & labor to plantation development, that is, to MAKE them dependent on a MONEY ECONOMY so that their resources, labor, & consumption might YIELD PROFITS to the colonizers... In many colonized countries, the imposition of TAXES payable only in CASH was used to FORCE people into the CASH economy..... ("When Corporations Rule the World") (Read James Michener's books to see it; even though it's not called slavery.)

--Traditional colonialism came to an end after WW 2, & the new corporate colonialism--advanced thru foreign aid, investment, and trade--stepped into the breach.... It was MORE SUBTLE, more sophisticated, and MORE APPEALING than the old colonialism, but the consequence was the same--ever greater [forced] dependence on the money economy and thus on institutions of money that could be controlled by the few [MASTERS].

--In 1865 ...[American] MODERATES believed in EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY whereby both blacks and whites would be GIVEN A CHANCE TO EARN THEIR LAND [don't end poverty & crimes & wars, they'd rather force people to work for small wages $.05-.17/hr then, today $6-15/hr, & buy & sell something, save IF not too sick/disabled, etc] ...This FIT IN with northern policy...and averted Radicals' precedent-setting measures. [Socialism] After all, IF SOUTHERN PROPERTY COULD BE CONFISCATED & GIVEN TO THE POOR, SO COULD NORTHERN FACTORIES & BUSINESSES....."  [which would destroy Capitalism]

--After the Civil War, the  Reconstruction era was unquestionably the most violent period in American history... The planter-led Ku Klux Klan [terrorists] specifically targeted African Americans, Republicans, & the candidates they voted for through intimidation, violence, & even murder, in order to return the black population to economic subservience & assure that the bulk of the PROFITS generated from sharecropping would accrue to those who OWNED the land.  This forced the [so-called] former slaves & poor whites into LIFELONG DEBT-SLAVERY & RENT-SLAVERY, & they used law enforcement & lots of violence & murder (both blacks & whites) to enforce it, & few were charged with murder.  [African-American History, by James Ciment]

--Most Americans couldn't get loans until Bank of America began giving loans to workers in the 1920's (including white farmers & business owners, & most people still can't get loans today) which "changed the face of banking" when they saw the slaves paid back the loans which the ignorant masters didn't think would happen. 

USA has a wicked Child-care system caused by the wage system:

247 children in Arizona drowned in 2000 - so eliminate home swimming pools which eliminates jobs, & proves cars & houses shouldn't exist--only T&T with large community swimming pools.

--The wage is where the masters kept themselves in slavery to paying wages, vacations, sick leave, taxes, insurance etc, & caused all crimes, wars & terrorism (which also kills rich people), & it will continue until every person on Earth has a guaranteed income & works part-time, & when all people can support their families in their own country.

Owning stock in a corporation doesn't make anyone a "part owner" because it still enslaves people for wages & it causes world poverty, & the stock market shouldn't exist, nor should most companies.  He who earns wages earns wages to put it into a bag with holes (Hagai 1:6).  At last, most jobs/work can be replaced with automation (because they never should have existed) which will force us to end the wage system & teach every person to have a GUARANTEED INCOME & work part-time (20- or 10-hrs/week) building only live/work TOWERS connected to TRAINS, the way we always should have.  http://www.converge.org.nz/pirm/nutech.htm

You can read "The Jungle" here to see that employees are slaves (& lots of great history webs) -- http://kclibrary.nhmccd.edu/decade00.html  see Upton Sinclair -- which shows that someday all books, newspapers. magazines, etc, will be free online which eliminates millions of wage jobs, but saves forests by eliminating paper.

--Most slave masters worldwide do not treat their slaves nice, & many children are held in slavery & forced into prostitution as young as 5 because the USA still hasn't ended it's slave system, but we're taught we did. 

--Every year 65 teens die doing jobs that shouldn't exist (they have school & work while grown men play golf); 70,000 receive emergency room treatment.  Most injuries are in fast-food restaurants, grocery stores, & retail stores, working late night shifts, & none of those companies should exist.  www.youthrules.dol.gov  [<< Note the insane rules & wages still allowed to enslave teens in USA]

--Many college-educated people end up homeless if they send out many resumes & can't get hired.  Colleges cost too much for most people to afford even if they're born geniuses (which all people would be if they had good diets from birth, as well as both parents from their own conception, etc), & the colleges & universities never should have been built.  Only T&T should have.  The stress of school & the wage kills people, & capitalists still don't want kids or adults to have time or money to have fun:  http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2003/06/30/health/main561093.shtml

--Most people today still say women are lazy & make bad employees because they got pregnant or want to care for their babies, & many women still get fired for getting pregnant, & until recently in USA especially if they weren't married.  ["The War Against Women"]   Mothers with newborns have to work 10-12 hrs a day so babysitters get to see the babies more than the parents.  Oppressed parents & babysitters often end up raising angry children into angry adults.

--Most people worldwide still aren't educated which makes it impossible to write checks or do anything about starting their own business (95% of which fail thru no fault of their own because they're still slaves), or they have learning disabilities, or they're too sick to work, & many problems, & that doesn't help starving orphans in USA or worldwide.   Small business owners can't accept credit cards or personal checks, which "forces" most people to buy from corporations & it destroys small businesses, which are also forced out of business if they receive too many personal checks that bounce, & small businesses can't afford to advertise to bring in customers.

Most people worldwide can't get any benefits & can't afford food or medicine, so when they & their children get sick they just die in pain, but having insurance also kills many rich Americans because insurance won't pay for tests to detect problems early, etc.  (See "John Q" with Denzel Washington)  http://www.familiesusa.org/site/PageServer?pagename=Uninsured_About

The wage is like a Beast that keeps his foot on the hose of PROSPERITY & PEACE worldwide, especially since we're told the lie that "education ends poverty" when most people can't afford an education.  The wage system will only cause worsening poverty as most jobs are eliminated by automation because most jobs never should have existed (so don't have children until we end the wage system).  See "The Greedy Capitalist" >> http://www.rationalmind.net/archives/cat_economics.html

Almost 100 billion pounds of food is wasted in America each year because millions of unemployed SLAVES have no money to BUY it, & the grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, & most businesses shouldn't exist.  Corporations or anyone usually lie about the weight of an item for sale to increase their profits because no one can ever do anything to them.  Capitalism causes obesity with food advertisements, & restaurants serve too much food per serving.

Capitalism will destroy the Earth to create harmful jobs, & it's urgent to end the wage & eliminate most jobs to end world poverty which will enable us to save wildlife habitats which are endangered.  It's scary to see people stare at you like you're insane if you say "People will eat ALL the fish in the sea if they don't stop over-fishing" (or stop fishing altogether & become vegetarian) because most people (even educated) think that's impossible, & it's insane to let that ignorance continue until the whole Earth is destroyed.  http://www.care2.com/channels/ecoinfo/endangered

There was a worse housing shortage crisis after WW's I & II killed millions, http://www.wosu.org/tv/lustron/history.php  which causes homelessness & crime, but rich capitalist masters built ugly houses (now getting makeovers) & ugly ghettos to rent to slaves, & roads & vehicles (which kill 48,000+ every year), & a cheap train system on the ground, all of which has kept us in the Stone Age & killed millions of people who could have found cures, invented things, etc. 

Many men still hate women who "take away a man's job" even if they're widows with children to feed (& it causes murder) which proves that wage-slavery causes most (all?) hatreds & crimes. 

(Fact: From 1900-1909 there were only 8,000 cars & 10 miles of paved road--that shouldn't have existed.  http://kclibrary.nhmccd.edu/decade00.html   The 1871 Chicago fire & 1906 San Francisco earthquake destroyed old wooden houses, barns & buildings, & should have been replaced by live/work Towers & Trains (T&T), but capitalists built office towers, houses, cars, roads, etc, so the poor slaves had to rebuild with more small buildings that burn & will now kill millions more people in fires & earthquakes.  They never thought populations would continue to grow, & capitalists hate sharing the wealth & building a safe world for all people because they want slaves, & they think death is good population control.)

(Mississippi Burning; Les Miserables; Moll Flanders; Braveheart; Of Mice & Men; Grapes of Wrath; Angela's Ashes; read "The Jungle" & "OIL").

Here's modern day slavery in Florida:

Socialism always would have worked if we could have taught the whole world at once to work part-time & build live/work Towers & trains, & teach all people to be doctors & scientists (love your neighbor), but USA & UK capitalists were creating harmful jobs (cars, houses, roads, weapons, etc) which made & still makes all people believe in capitalism.  See this Socialist website: http://wsws.org/      http://www.pbs.org/wnet/innovation/episode6.html

Co-housing is now a growing reality as more Americans begin to realize it's a necessity to stay near family & have lifelong friends to help each other in times of need, which is constant in the wage system but impossible when most people are forced to move constantly to get or keep a job.   http://www.bartcommunity.org/

The wage caused all the horrible crimes because they couldn't get a wage or the wages were too low, &/or they were renter-slaves.  ("Oppression absolutely makes a wise man insane.")  Study these crimes to see they were caused by the wage:   http://www.crimelibrary.com/

If anyone really believed in germs or the way the wage system causes many deaths in the medical field, child care & restaurants, they'd demand we immediately end the wage & educate the whole world with modern technology because lack of knowledge of germs & the way diseases are spread affects all people worldwide, even the richest people (it spreads in hospitals, schools, child care, restaurants, toothbrushes, razors, nail salons, old car tires, wars & prisons, & many still-unknown ways):
EX: http://germterminator.com/


Colleges are slave plantations that were built for centuries by uneducated rich slave masters (who often INHERITED their wealth & never worked, or robbed & raped their way to wealth) to teach slavery for wages, & now all learning can be free on computers which destroys the antiquated educational system & many jobs for slaves. Colleges force the smartest people to spend lots of money they don't have & they can't afford to eat or have any fun if it costs even a few dollars.  The educational system combined with the wage system spreads plagues by preventing young people from being able to afford marriage when they're young (16+).  People can buy fake diplomas easier today because they shouldn't exist & never should have.  Scholarships shouldn't exist but can be obtained (by a few) for ridiculous things like sailing, golf, & many others.

Millions of brilliant people wanted to be doctors but couldn't afford college, so now we have long waits to see over-worked doctors & nurses (in small separate offices) which causes many deaths from lack of care, because all people should have been doctors & scientists.  Learning medicine should start at age 2 (age appropriate) so all people can be doctors by the time they're 20 or younger because it's easier to learn things when they start young, & that should include 3-6 languages.  http://www.medical-terminology.org/

Hospitals are understaffed & often forced to close because of budget problems caused by the wage when few people can pay for their health care & it will get worse with automation eliminating all jobs. USA/UK offer higher wages to nurses in poor countries, leaving those nations worse off than ever.   http://schumer.senate.gov/SchumerWebsite/pressroom/press_releases/PR00550.html

We should eliminate the education system & teach all people worldwide (on computers/TVs) to be doctors & scientists & engineers.....& farmers & babysitters & cooks & maids.....part-time, switching jobs as often as needed or as often as they want, which would be easy if we build live/work Towers & Trains.  Most American slaves still can't get time off for doctors (IF they can afford to see one) for themselves AND their kids (who are always sick), & they can't find the time to make phone calls to make doctor's appointments & a million other calls we're forced to do (bank problems, insurance problems, etc).  Hospitals & all things should be open 24x7 in every Tower where wage-slavery could not & would not exist.

No one can remember their & each of their children's lifetime medical history, so it should all be IN computers but in the wage system, that could get sick slaves fired--so end the wage & teach a Guaranteed Income.   The doctors & hospitals & clinics would all have to hire wage slaves to enter the billions of pages of data on every patient into computers & they can't afford that, so every person ON EARTH should have their own computer & enter their own data, as much as possible. 

Now billionaires can win millions in lotteries while children starve worldwide. 

The 9/11 terrorism was caused by capitalist wage-slavery & will continue to cause wars & crimes because it's profitable.  The wage is the basis of the profit system.  http://www.scoop.co.nz/mason/stories/HL0403/S00244.htm

Capitalism is a negative system for "ending poverty" & is actually TEACHING WAR & CRIME:

Military people & weapons manufacturers LOVE wars & crimes since it equals job security (& many of them have committed horrible crimes).

Cops, lawyers, judges, prison guards are slaves who LOVE crime because it gives them job security (but many of them have committed horrible crimes).

Construction LOVES hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, crime for building prisons, etc because it equals job security.

Tow trucks, firefighters, ambulances, hospitals & medical profession LOVE car crashes because it equals job security (& many of them have committed horrible crimes).  The list of negative jobs is endless which I could send via email on request.

--Most jobs are so dangerous they kill many people every year & need to be eliminated. http://money.msn.com/content/invest/extra/P63405.asp

More boys than girls work outside their homes, but more girls work dangerous jobs: for instance, as domestic maids in someone’s house where many get raped repeatedly. Maids typically are cut off from friends and family, and can easily be physically or sexually abused by their employers, even in the USA, since we now know that many fathers sexually abuse their own daughters.

The wage also forces the most beautiful women & children into prostitution to earn money, & traveling businessmen & military use them because they're bored unhappy slaves (& don't know it).  Many women are sold into prostitution & marriage because the slave masters say "They sell [rich] ball players, don't they!"  [Read 9/03 Nat'l Geographic about modern slavery.]    Corporations think that "Sexploitation" is good business & send men to poor countries on sex tours & it spreads plagues (to their own families).  Here's one link about CHILD PROSTITUTES who capitalists don't want to help with a Guaranteed Income:

Most American children still can't afford to play any sports (most sports only existed in the last 50-60 years) or get to practice, or buy guitars/lessons, piano, etc, because parents are always working, so they can't ever hope to get hired & become a rich athlete, singer, actor, etc.  Few people become artists because there's no income in it, & those who try are left to starve.

Charities can't help all people, just as the wage system never could help all people, especially orphans. When rich people donate to charities it only makes people think "The rich are so generous" instead of the cause of poverty. If we end the wage & teach a GI, we will quickly end world poverty & we won't need any charities to exist, or welfare, Social Security, etc because money won't exist.

Study African American history to see slavery continue: http://www.exampleessays.com/cgi-bin/htsearch?config=direct&restrict=&exclude=&method=and&format=long&sort=score&words=African+American+History

In 1930, there were approximately 30 million farmer-slaves in the United States, barely producing enough food to feed a population of approximately 100 million slaves. Technological breakthroughs in agriculture over the next 50 years made farming so efficient that by 1980 approximately 3 MILLION farmers were producing enough food for a population of more than 300 million, & automation will replace all farmers & should have already but they first need a GRI. ["The End of Work"]   Read about the richest farmer in California & how he destroys the earth:  http://www.epinions.com/content_125672984196

Corporate slave plantations like Disney are making billions of dollars selling songs & stories written centuries ago (often by poor starving children), making profits for stockholders while letting millions of children starve.

The wage system scatters people worldwide to try & find a wage income, but a GI & Towers & Trains will gather people together to stay near family & friends a lifetime.  Mothers should be able to nurse their babies & work part-time 2-4 hrs a day, but neither small businesses nor large corporations can pay them enough wage to live on if they work part-time.  As long as the wage exists, we should fear for the life of every child, even if parents seem "rich" (Andrea Yates killed 5 of her own children because she was a stressed-out lonely mother, & many children die in child care centers.  Raising children is a form of slavery, so both parents should be "forced" to raise their own children & they all need many part-time helpers--in T&T).

Housecleaning & gardening are also not "professions."   It is rich slaves who hire poor slaves & those jobs only existed because we built houses instead of T&T with robots to do the cleaning, plus send groups of 10-20 people to mansions to do their 10-20/hrs of required work per week to clean whatever the robots can't clean, & it would take a lot less time, & cleaning with a spouse/friend only 10-20 hrs a week (to music) would be more fun.  Houses/lawns cause plagues: lawnmower/blower noise & air pollution, causing asthma & allergies, etc.

The richest people have never wanted to care for their own children because they're difficult precious slave-makers, along with the farming, cooking, cleaning, making their own clothes etc until today's modern conveniences which make it a little easier, but most people still can't afford any modern conveniences, including indoor plumbing.   Now we should force all parents to care for their own children their entire life because that's the right kind of slavery instead of hiring babysitters until they're age 65 or older.  Caring for children is the most difficult & most important "work" but no one is freely taught how to raise them, unless they buy books, pay for classes, etc.  Children are the most ignored humans because they're the most vulnerable who cannot speak for themselves, so capitalists leave them to starve while creating jobs to enslave adults.

RETAIL buying & selling shouldn't exist. EX: A jeweler can sell fake diamonds & say they're real. Car mechanics say a car needs a new transmission when it doesn't, & they might not even touch the car but take the money (cars never should have existed; only T&T), but if they had a GRI & only worked part-time that wouldn't happen.

Food & medicine & information & anything that saves lives should be free (think of starving children), & would be free, if EVERY person on the entire EARTH had a Guaranteed Income (which would eliminate money--not a contradiction) & could work part-time (20/week, if not 10/wk).  A GI for every person would put all money into computers so it would disappear, & the world would be cashless perfection without any poverty (or crimes or wars).

There are easy ways to save lives by solving the world water crisis:   http://www.disasternews.net/news/news.php?articleid=1817

On 3/4/03 it was announced that Sony has a new microchip (due in TWO years that might destroy capitalism) that is "a cheap all-in-one box for the home that can record television shows, surf the Net in 3-D, play music & run movie-like video games! It packs the processing power of a hundred of today's computers on a single chip...!"

That's ALL IN ONE: TV/radio/movies/COMPUTERS (& I hope it's simple) -- for learning and fun-- which will destroy many corporations, which will force us all to end capitalist wage-slavery.

The wage system is "work or starve; sell something or starve" so if any sales person can't sell a product because every client says "no" that makes him look like a failure, but someone else always gets the sale (& maybe is more attractive/not deformed) looks like a "success." The "no sales" people could end up homeless & it's because of the capitalist slave system where even "entrepreneurs" & business "owners" look like failures thru no fault of their own.

T&T means there would have been NO banks or malls, NO houses or cars, NO/few roads (which heat up & destroy Earth), no expensive tunnels or bridges, NO hotels or motels, NO PRISONS (or crime), no or few weapons, NO libraries, no zoos or museums, no schools or colleges, no office towers like Rockefeller Center & WTC, nor a million restaurants (which spread disease), etc, which means we've all been doing work that never should have been done.   People write me all the time saying they're disabled & need & want live/work Towers & Trains, & how much they hate being a slave for wages. (Please keep sending me your letters, & tell others you want T&T also  :-)

Q: If nobody is going to guarantee the income, what makes it guaranteed?
A: Simply because money won't exist.  If every person had their names & "money" on one computer network worldwide, then money would no longer have to be used to exchange for food or any items, & there would be no poverty.

Q: Who will make the products we need like food, & build the towers & trains, & maintain them?
A:  People who work part-time 10-20 hrs a week.

There's no way for anyone to NOT be a slave until there is an announcement made that we must end the wage system.  But until then, we have to obey our slave masters & do our jobs the best that we can.

Slavery means "no control" -- slaves must go to work if sick with colds & flu because they live paycheck to paycheck, which spreads sickness, & they must send their kids to child care & school when sick with colds & flu, because most don't get any sick leave, especially if their children are the sick ones.   Slaves get other slaves fired, causing strife & death, especially for the uneducated, disabled, females & children.  The wage system is literally a war against women & children worldwide because they don't get paid & most jobs are for men, so women & children suffer & die the most (200 children every hour of every day--World Health Org.).

Slavery means living paycheck to paycheck. Outside circumstances controls us in some way--forced to move to another state to get or keep a job, fired if too sick to work, can't live near family & friends a lifetime because it's too expensive, etc.

FREEDOM would be financial freedom & time freedom (no alarm clocks or time clocks to punch). Every person is a slave to money, even masters who also live in lifelong debt to cars & houses, forced to need insurance & pay taxes, invest in stock market to get ahead, etc.

Every person could be "perfect" if taught how to be perfect & allowed to be perfect if we end the wage so they're not forced to do evil to get their wage. 

If all people have a Guaranteed Income & refuse to work, I don't care if the whole human race dies, including me. Better to let all humans die than just children, & I know every person will love working part-time, & they can work more if they want to, which most will.  If I had $80 billion & used it to hire people worldwide to build towers, I'd still be a slave & so would all people.

I think teaching "Truth" instead of lies will destroy all hatreds of race, religion, nationality, etc.  EX: Parents get angry at their son/daughter who can't get or keep a job, until they realize we're all slaves for wages & most jobs shouldn't exist.  

 Learning "all Truth" means you then see God face to face, & reject all lies that could cause even one death.  Every person who speaks a lie that might cause even one death is the Evil one (Satan).

Capitalists should read my lips: I will destroy capitalism & I love doing it, & I love being hated by capitalists because they're so insane to want to be slaves & enslave their own children.

Here is a partial list which proves that soon there will be no wage jobs for slaves.

Farmers will be replaced by technology (but are too poor to automate farms, & it eliminates migrant workers' jobs whose children work beside them still today to earn enough for food)

39,000 shopping centers will be obsolete with online shopping (& never should have been built)

Computers will replace many doctors, nurses, hospitals, therapists, lab technicians, etc (we wouldn't have needed many if we had built T&T long ago, &/or all people would have been doctors & scientists).  When we find cures to all diseases we won't need much medicine if any, & when we end poverty & clean up the earth there won't be any more sickness.

Technology will eliminate offices (paperless offices, so we must STOP building offices, which are bad for health as are all wage jobs)

No paper means no FAX or copy machines, office supply stores, gift cards, post office & much more

No secretaries, clerks, receptionists, data entry
No newspapers, magazines, books, book stores, libraries

No teachers, schools, bus drivers, colleges (education will be FREE on TV & computers, in less time, & more important subjects--science & medicine)

No Post Office, or Govt. jobs (no offices/paper)
No long-distance operators (phones will be free worldwide)
No cashiers (self check-out at register; UPC will only be for inventory purposes, but most products won't have to be made in T&T)

No models or actors (digitized imagery will clone extras)
TV & movies will be free on TV/Computer combos (no VCRs, VHS, DVDs, CDs)

No architects, accountants, medical transcriptionists

Automated factories (machines will work around the clock & won't demand wages, & will be built & maintained by part-time workers) (Build T&T with micro-factories)

No lumber, tools
No hardwood floors (only simulated-hardwood plastic)
No service industry jobs

No wholesalers or middle management
Automated warehousing
No shippers, truckers, or loading docks (T&T--make everything locally AMAP or ship by computerized mag-lev trains by part-time workers)

No restaurants (empty a pouch of already prepared frozen food into hot water or microwave for 3-7 minutes) (cooking from scratch is slavery)

No bartenders or waitresses (automated beverage-control systems)
No advertisements (unless it's helpful & saves lives) & no selling
No telemarketing

No or fewer lawyers, prisons, judges, cops, weapons, security jobs or devices (which never would have been needed if all people had a GRI & worked part-time building live/work T&T since 1865)

No banks, loans, money, or insurance (such devilish confusion)

Many toys won't be made: board games, junky things (kids want computers & fun activities to get exercise)

No gems (diamonds, rubies, gold etc--artificial only)
No furs (only artificial if any at all)
Most appliances won't be needed (bread makers, waffle makers, etc--what we now have will be used for centuries, repaired)
No cameras or photos (digital photos online)

No media (animated people, if any at all)
No lobbyists or stockbrokers (online until the stock market no longer exists)
No travel agents or tickets of any kind for airplanes, concerts, trains etc.

Many or most people will be trained to be air traffic controllers even though computers will fly planes, but people will be "working" nearby, & their work will be training on simulators how to handle an emergency in case of computer failures, so the work will be more play than work.  Same for many jobs.

(Read "THE END OF WORK" by Jeremy Rifkin & "The Futurist" magazine)

If we build fireproof live/work T&T (with hospitals & micro-factories) that will also eliminate many jobs but saves the earth.

None of those companies or jobs (& many more) ever should have existed.

Only live/work Towers & Trains WITH hospitals, factories, & FUN things available to ALL PEOPLE to stop crime.

Many of those people who will lose their wage jobs should be trained AFAP (part-time) to take over the least important tasks in the hospitals & clinics to stop "brain drain" from other nations because we have a serious doctor & nurse shortage & we're leaving poor nations even worse off than before.  They can work in teams of 2-4 (to protect themselves & others) & will have on-the-job training.
We can now have a wireless world which should speed Tower & Train construction. We should have used the Tesla coil for free power since 1898, but Rockefeller, Mellon & Morgan prevented that, especially Morgan who refused to give money to Tesla to finance his project because Tesla was Morgan's slave, & the brilliant Tesla lived & died in poverty, as have many of the world's most brilliant minds because of capitalism.  My friend's 16-yr old daughter's blow-dryer fell into a tub of water & she tried to retrieve it & was electrocuted, but if the world had been cordless since 1898 she would not have died (but most people might call the girl "stupid").  It makes you wonder how many kids & adults have died that way worldwide in the last century.

If some don't want T&T, they're FREE to kill themselves in their houses & cars.

 I'm saying that many people do want & need T&T (elderly, disabled, mothers with children=a majority?), & we have to build T&T for those who want & need them, & to save the earth. I'd rather not let such unrighteous people into any T&T, but that won't happen (or it shouldn't). If we don't let them in, how can they see what they're missing (not much work, & lots of play, perfect food, & live safely near family & lifelong friends).

We must do these things to save the earth & people, because people will destroy the earth to make money to feed kids rather than starve, & if all people have a GRI without being told "we MUST build T&T" they'd keep building houses & destroy the earth, so we must teach T&T, work part-time, & a GRI.   Computers will track each person's work for a while & if they don't work they won't be allowed to eat.

These are the visions we should see on TV to stop all wrong construction, because people won't know if they never hear about it.
Each tower should be strategically placed to avoid many train stops (500-800 US cities only?). The Towers must be huge (100+ stories) from the bottom to the top.  I picture them being built much bigger around than stadiums, so stadiums would be inside in the center at the base.  There are ways to build them entirely earthquake proof, & the bigger they are the harder it would be for an earthquake to damage them.  They must be fireproof & soundproof & as safe as possible (no budgets).

The towers might be 12-sided, possibly shaped like crosses to have more windows.  Or "roundish" with 12 sides, whatever is safest.  Or some of both.  There must be many fast elevators.

Make plans to build cities in a wheel-&-spoke pattern near each other with a park/playground/etc in the middle, & small trams to get people to the main train station (probably attached to just one tower).  

Covered cities for sun protection & perfect weather year-round, that catches needed moisture to prevent water shortages.

Many towers might have attaching corridors at many levels.

Build some towers in mountains near ski resorts & near beaches, & don't allow any more houses to be built anywhere (to save the earth--most people will understand the words "to save the Earth").  Some people envision towers in the oceans at water's edge & also floating cities that travel the world, with "glass-bottom" windows to see ocean life.  ("The Futurist Magazine")

We must inexpensively convert offices & hotels into temporary live/work towers because of the severe housing shortage crisis which has always existed & causes much homelessness & death.

Many people will probably have to live in the towers ASAP before they're completed since total completion could take many years & population & overcrowding is in serious crisis today. Although, if all people work part-time, 24x7, hopefully construction would go much faster, with (ex) 400,000 workers instead of just 1,000.

Each person must work part-time (20-hrs/week to start) on the towers/trains closest to where they now live to alleviate traffic. People will have a "required" number of hours to work, but they can work more if they want.

We must recycle all things as much as possible as we tear down all old buildings.
Recycling chutes in every house (& room?) for plastics so there is little if any trash.

Every house must be a mansion (like in "Three Men & A Baby") with huge loft-like living rooms.  Quiet indoor waterfalls to purify the air.  Tiny robot-vacuums hidden in walls.

Some mansions might be 2-3 stories with elevators & huge balconies (artificial & real plants) & built-in barbecue grills.  No cheap, thin sheetrock walls, & no paint.

Mansions for large families or groups of friends with 10-20 large bedrooms, each with it's own bathroom. A GRI will eliminate money so there will be no debt or money problems which will end family strife so they can live together happily, especially if they have many fun things to do for all ages.

Decorate every house differently & beautifully to avoid boredom. Antiques can be showcased in each house in protective plexi-glass coverings to eliminate museums & preserve antiques forever.

People can trade & share houses (like time/share) where people can stay as little or as long as they want.

Movable walls (2-3" thick, soundproof, fireproof, easy to clean, no paint or wallpaper).  Some unbreakable clear walls.
Indoor greenhouses & food gardens

Huge balconies as extensions to large living rooms, with retractable screens & self-cleaning windows; hurricane proof glass.

High banister rails (5') & clear nets to prevent falls (which were always made low to save a few pennies on materials & to keep houses affordable for slaves).

Robots to clean & fix everything, if it ever needs fixed.

Sliding pocket-doors (with computer ID locks) 15-20 ft. tall (tallest man was 8'11").

Every room with large computer screen for scenery of choice (beach etc).
Computers should be drop-down from ceilings to be used laying on comfortable recliners (chairs & tables cause health problems). 

Lights that hang on walls & ceilings; no table lamps.

Every tower must have hospitals, some manufacturing, shopping, exercise & fun activities for all ages both indoor & outdoor near towers, & ALL necessities.

Many indoor swimming pools & covered outdoor pools (for sun protection).

Hockey/ice skating rinks (multi-use), billiards, weights, aerobics, virtual golf, & many indoor activities & invent new ones (which millions could do if they weren't starving).

Perhaps indoor amusement parks with huge rides (that last 10-20 minutes), &/or built on the outsides of towers & attached to towers.

Thick carpets that never or seldom need replaced & can be cleaned quickly by robots, or recycled if replaced.

Floors/carpets should have heating/cooling elements (no A/C).

No washers/dryers (or just small ones) & make 10,000-100,000 non-soil uniforms like Star Trek that last forever (few if any style changes--to end clothing slavery, mostly knits because it's more comfortable, & growing cotton destroys the earth, or grow less cotton).

All products should be made locally AMAP of germ-free PLASTICS to be recycled (NO WOOD to save forests) that will always stay in the same house (to end furniture-moving-slavery) or moved house to house as people decide to trade & share online

Huge indoor atriums for many stories up (no/few dark hallways)

Several large buffet food court areas and/or delicatessens in each tower.

Bathrooms should have instant body-blow dryers (no/few towels).

Self-cleaning/flushing low-water toilets.
Every spigot should automatically shut off if not in use, & small instant hot water heaters to save water.

Fewer farms that are fully automated & computerized near Towers, &/or indoor gardening/hydroponics. Rethink how many cows, sheep, pigs, etc, are necessary because someday most/all people will be vegetarian because it's healthier.

Many harmful products must be eliminated as soon as possible -- cars/trucks, toxic chemicals, lumber/paper, weapons, cans/can openers, hypodermic needles (find better ways).

Self-cleaning pet facilities (some pets not allowed if endangered; best pets are  dogs & cats--with gentle daily bath machines).
Portable stoves that can be replaced or eliminated if needed.
No temples, churches, synagogues, mosques, etc. (Religions meet in homes--if people need religions, which I don't, because I love & serve God by saving lives)

Quiet waterfalls everywhere to purify the air.

No schools; learning will be free on computers & every person must have their own computer & cellular phone (Free) with lifelong phone numbers, plus call waiting. (Add a billion numbers in front of all phone numbers)

Rethink all furniture--no wood.   Built-in Murphy wallbeds controlled by computers.  Built-in dresser drawers.  Rooms large enough for 2 queen-size beds per room, or air mattresses. 

No sheets--use heat lamps.  Robots that clean beds weekly or daily.

Only lights/lamps that hang on walls/ceilings (no desk/floor lamps)

Slip-covers to change color of furniture.
No fireplaces, unless artificial.

Clothing should have heating/cooling elements, that don't need washed; not many/any style changes. Non-skid socks.  Only built-in dressers if any are needed (with fewer clothes).
Not many shoes, coats, umbrellas.

Not many large freezers if any; use mostly fresh foods.  Vegetarian is healthier & saves animals from being tortured & killed.

We need to rethink toys & what people of all ages need & want for activities & exercise, & for little or no clean-up messes. Huge slides, tunnels, trampolines, etc, as safe as possible, & not many toys that clutter. Indoor water-play areas that replace outdoor yard activities (warm sprinklers & recycle all water etc). People can trade/share toys/etc on web sites.

Outdoor covered playing fields for all ages (to cool the earth & sun protection), that can catch rain/snowfall that sends every drop to each Towers' water purification/sanitation area to avoid droughts/water wars. This is very urgently needed in desert nations like Africa, Iraq, Iran, etc.

Parents with children should have safe, padded changeable in-house playrooms & climbing play areas with clear, soundproof walls

Each house should have slides (safe hard/soft materials) with computers to allow one child on at a time. Computerized swings.

ALL people should learn to do all things as much as possible (especially science & medicine) & work part-time.  On-the-job training.

Internet sites will allow people to TRADE & SHARE things (toys, kids furniture, RVs, boats, etc). E-mail will be sent to people when work (of their choice & ability) is needed near where they live.

Some work might be picking up a chair at one tower-home & taking it to another.
Other "work" will be sending large groups of 20-30 people to "clean a mansion" so all mansions are cleaned on a weekly basis, each taking an "apprentice" (as will all workers--for on the job training--perhaps their own children) whom they'll teach to clean house & do all things.

Some people may prefer to travel to help other countries build their own towers & trains, & to learn another language. (No one knows what we've been missing!)

Don't ask who will build these things, because I know that all people will love to work part-time because they have a residual income, and there's still nothing else to do except work. Even prisoners need a GRI to stop taxation to pay for their upkeep, & they never would have committed any crimes if they'd had a GRI in the first place.

We should not labor for that which is not bread because we can't eat cars or houses, gold, furs, diamonds, clothes, gifts or any of the things ads brainwash people to think they need, so don't spend a DIME on anything that is not food. SAVE every penny, because you'll die broke if this wage system goes on much longer. Give unneeded things to the poor to lighten your burdens, & never stop complaining until this system is dead, or it will never change.

For vacation, there's a small but increasing number of Americans who spend their HOLIDAYS doing volunteer work in underdeveloped countries, and they pay their own expenses, which shows that people will still work even without the wage system.   http://www.globalvolunteers.org/

When people hear me say that every person should be REQUIRED to work only TEN hours a week AND have a GUARANTEED RESIDUAL INCOME (GRI), many people are stupid enough to say "But no one will work!" here's the simple solution:

The "1-2-3 Magic" method now being taught to parents raising children should be used for adults as well, & if started today with every child, eventually all people would grow into responsible, well-behaved adults with compassion for other humans, & will love people for their differences, instead of hate them which they're taught to do now.

The people who refuse to work a mere 20-hrs a week (which BTW is a lot less than 40-80), must go to JAIL for 30 days, & they might get a diet of peanut-butter-&-jelly sandwiches with water, and maybe 1-2 apples. As many PBJs a day as they want, & as much water as they want. We have enough prisons to do that, thanks to the insane wage system.

For the people who won't work & are threatened with prison but then change their mind & say they'll week, then they'll have 24-hr surveillance from 2-3 guards (their guard duty will be their required 10/week, & 1-2 might be their own parents/siblings) for 6 months (more/less) who will see to it that the person does his 20-hrs of required work per week, & if he doesn't, he still has to go to prison for 30 days (but I don't think any of that will every happen). Maybe he'll have to have a GPS inserted (which I think every person should have anyway). GPS (Global Positioning Systems) would be smart, but everyone thinks that's wrong Big Brother stuff. GPS will force people to be honest, but few can see that.  It's crazy to NOT want a GPS in your own child in case they're kidnapped. People put GPS in their PETS so the pets can be sent home if they get lost, but not in their children. "Big Brother GPS" is only bad if there is poverty & the wage system, but if every person has a GRI, then it can be used only for good purposes.

I'm sorry for having to say these things because it possibly hurts the small employers the most, but these things have to be said or nothing will ever change. I often must exaggerate to get people's attention (shock treatment), & because Capitalists are extremely hard-hearted & closed-minded, as are most slaves because they can't believe they're slaves, whether they have a small or huge wage.

This web site is provided FREE to all people, as everything should be, because no one should have to write a book to SELL to make a living (& what company would print to sell this information? Write me if you will print it :-). All people are welcome & encouraged to attach this web site to theirs to help get the message to more people.


In "Compassionate Capitalism" [sic] Rich DeVos tells how his Amway corporation made some people "rich" because "they worked hard & never gave up," but he apparently doesn't notice they weren't starving, so he's leaving millions to starve. The "entrepreneurs" are his slaves who lived in America & had something to SELL to get them started (EX: a car), both parents were living & gave them money to buy a car etc, good health, education, which children worldwide don't have & are left to starve. DeVos' slave plantation downsizes leaving his ex-slaves with no income because he won't ALLOW his slaves to "start their own A- business" (which is slavery), & no job means no insurance for their sick, dying children & they might end up homeless, divorced, suicides, drug peddlers or addicts, bank robbers, murderers of spouse & children/ex-boss or co-workers, etc.  Many people still say "I don't want to SELL things to my friends & make money off of them" even though they do it in many ways (crafts, tupperware, toys, makeup), & it means they'd prefer to buy things from corporations so corporations can make PROFITS while eliminating all jobs for slaves leaving people & children to starve.

Obviously, DeVos thinks that pornography, prostitution, telemarketing, lotteries, gambling, insurance, etc, & forcing sick/elderly & children to sell junk door-to-door (which is dangerous) to afford food, even ghettos, is "good business" because it's what capitalists teach the world. He thinks we must FORCE widows to work 40-hrs a week, PLUS go to college, PLUS care for children & households. "Sylvia Pankhurst, a well-known British Socialist, said, 'I'm going to fight capitalism even if it kills me. It is wrong that people like you should be comfortable & well fed while all around you people are starving," then DeVos said "SYLVIA PANKHURST WAS WRONG ABOUT CAPITALISM!" That's just shocking that someone can be that blinded by the Capitalist lies & idols.

MLM people thought all people shouldn't have a GRI because "we need slaves" or "who will clean my house," "who will fly my private jet," "who will be my nanny," "who will work as a maid in the hotels on my vacations," "who will be my cook, butler, secretary, chauffeur, gardener, mechanic, etc." That's why we let world poverty go on when we could easily & quickly end world poverty with computers by teaching a GRI for every person & work part-time AND build live/work T&T.

If we keep teaching & forcing people to do everything wrong, they'll keep doing everything wrong. So we just have to start teaching people to do everything right because then Perfection will be possible.


The new Worldwide Laws of PURE JUSTICE for every person on EARTH should be this:

Any person who wants to build cars, houses & far-off work places, instead of Towers & Trains, should not get any health care, including their children (to force them to find the PERFECT WAY to help all people).

If every person on earth doesn't have food, shelter, & clothing & all their needs met, then no one else can have them until there is perfect equality & Justice worldwide.

(To Christians: Read Exodus to see history repeating itself today.)

See these books I recommend:

When Corporations Rule the World, by David Korten
The End of Work, by Jeremy Rifkin
All of Upton Sinclair's books--esp. The Jungle, Oil, The Brass Check, The Goose Step

Atlas of African American History, James Ciment

BLACK SLAVE OWNERS, Free Black Slave Masters in South Carolina, 1790-1860, by Larry Koger (1985)(he wrote it & didn't know that we're all still slaves today)

All of James Michener's books (fiction based on FACT)(he wrote all those books that prove wage-slavery is slavery, but I don't think he realized that wage-slaves are slaves)

The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck
Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Harriet Beacher Stowe
Endangered Mexico, by Joel Simon
God Wants You to be Rich, by Paul Zane Pilzer

American Labor Struggles, by Samuel Yellen
The Waste Makers (1950)
Give Me Liberty, by Gerry Spence
Downsize This, by Michael Moore
The Rich & Super-Rich, by Ferdinand Lundberg
Infanticide, by Maria Piers
The Chronicle of Crime, by Martin Fido

What's going on in there? How the Brain & Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life, by Lise Eliot, PhD.

The War against Women, by Marilyn French (& it should say children also)
Backlash-The Undeclared War Again American Women, by Susan Faludi (& it should say children also)

"The Futurist" magazine, or www.wfs.org

Rent "George Wallace," "Sarafina",  "Mr. Johnston" "You've Got Mail".  Look for the wage-slave Beast in all movies/books/tv shows.
The Holy Bible is all about ending oppression--God's whole purpose, & for that to happen WE have to first teach Truth (GRI) & then we must act.

Rev. 21:1 "And I SEE a new heaven & earth.....and there is no more sea (wavering economy caused by wage-slavery: employment/unemployment)..." That's here on earth!

21:4 "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things [wage-slavery/idols] are passed away..." No insurance, loans, money, degrees/diplomas, leases, rentals, welfare, unions, coupons, etc.

21:5 "And there shall be no night there [in towers]...and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God shall give them light..." Free power from the sky & God--Tesla Coil, solar power, new inventions that make light/power free from God. No dams or nuclear power plants or batteries. No cars, houses, far-off work places, carpets/vacuums, washers/dryers (no-soil uniforms), no wallpaper/paint/toxic chemicals, no poverty or crime or wars.

21:6 "I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely [Guaranteed Residual Income]..... He that overcomes [wage-slavery] shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son. But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone..." "Fire" can mean words that embarrass or anger.

21:16 "And the city lies foursquare [perfectly equal wealth with a guaranteed income].....The length & the breadth and the height of it are EQUAL..."  There will be equal wealth in live/work towers & trains & no wage system.

21:17 "COME! And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely." Someday every person will have a guaranteed income, and all things will be free so there is NO possibility of crimes or wars. No more need to BUY OR SELL (the mark of the beast) things for profits. Then "the GOD of the whole earth shall he be called." Isa. 54:5. No money, loans/debt, no renting. And there will be no more pain or sorrow on the whole earth.

21:21 "And the streets of the city are pure gold..." [GRI is the water of life; people will build Towers & Trains to "meet him in the air" here on earth. The few streets we'd have might actually have specks of gold.]

21:23 "And the city had no need of the sun [artificial lights in Towers/Trains] ... For the gates of the city shall not be shut at all by day; for there shall be no night there." [Lights in Towers 24x7; hospitals; medicine, etc.]

21:3 "And there shall be no more curse [very little work after building towers/trains/robots; all people will learn to work part-time & enjoy life more to lengthen their life, get exercise, more time with family & friends & no stress]"

22:1 "And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal..." [GRI is God's way which will soon be perfect, for 17:17 "God hath put it in their hearts to fulfill his will..." to teach that way to the whole world to end wage-slavery & set every person free quickly.]

22:15 "For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters [Capitalists who want wage-slavery], and whosoever loves and makes a lie [LIE: "We must create jobs" instead of eliminate jobs. Rev. 11:18 "God will destroy them which destroy the earth" to create harmful jobs.]

Rev. 18:11-14 "The traveling merchants of the earth shall weep & mourn because there is NO ONE to buy their RETAIL junk any more..." No gold, silver or precious stones or pearls or furs or fine linen & silk. No weapons or cigarettes. No one will buy wood or ivory or copper or iron or marble. No incense or cattle or sheep or horses or "coaches" (Cars). Soon only things we NEED will be made by part-time FREE people who have a GRI.

Isa. 65:17-25. Centuries ago God promised there would someday be Truth on the whole earth & no oppression, & that day is here at last, because of computers & the Internet to spread information (Truth) worldwide, & dispel all lies. So far we only know 5-10% of Truth (cures, etc), so we have a lot to learn in the centuries ahead, & truth will discovered faster after we end poverty with a GRI so millions of people can find cures, invent things, etc.

All of Rev. 20 explains that Satan (the wage) will be destroyed for a thousand years, & after that thousand years (n about 3000) the wage system will again somehow return (unbelievably) "when Satan [wage system] will be loosed of his prison." Many nations & people (as the sand of the sea--millions!) will again be lead into wage-slavery, which might last decades or centuries, but will eventually again be destroyed, & after that time, wage-slavery will never again be able to return to the earth. Satan is the wage & will be destroyed, so please don't give up hoping for that day to happen soon. Do NOT give up hope!  Do your job as best you can until that Hope of Glory happens.

Rev. 8:13 "And I heard an eagle flying in mid-heaven [COMPUTER message boards] say with a loud voice: 'Woe, woe, woe to those dwelling on the earth because of the rest of the trumpet blasts of the 3 angels who are about to blow their trumpets.'" [Blowing trumpets signify warning of danger coming, so they'll WARN US that automation will eliminate all the wage jobs, so either we end the wage & quickly end world poverty, or we all die when there are no more wage jobs left for any slaves, even in America, so people will be forced to change, or die. Americans, & most people, cannot believe that wage-slavery is slavery or employees are slaves.]

May God bless EVERY person on this earth with a GUARANTEED RESIDUAL INCOME & perfect health very, very soon, & may this website give every person HOPE for a perfect future for all people worldwide.

Think ONLY of helping innocent babies & children.

(I am a slave and a slave owner, not because I want to be, but because this system forces me to. I only "own" 3 slaves to help them survive, even though at any second one of them could cause MY failure in staying afloat. I'd rather see them & every human have a GRI because it would help them and me NOT be slaves because it would eliminate money & save the Earth.)

We have no choice but to build live/work T&T & teach a GRI to save the Earth. If anyone thinks that 500 years from now, they'll still be building cars & houses, they're insane, because cars will be at a standstill in 5-10 years, & there will be no more land to grow food if we don't start building UP real soon. And God has promised for centuries that "We shall meet him in the air" in live/work TOWERS & TRAINS. (See Rev. 21 & 22) I've planted the SEED (thought) & now God will make it come to pass so that someday ALL nations will build T&T which will bring worldwide peace & destroy death.

(P.S. There is no more need for perfect spelling, typing, or grammar because that is slavery, especially for the learning-disabled & English as Second Language.  Soon copyrights won't have to exist when all people have a GRI & won't have to SELL something to make a living.)

Study crimes caused by the wage system:  http://www.419fraud.com/419_news_links.htm,


We should be making robots, not wars (which create jobs for military slaves)  http://www.villagevoice.com/issues/0337/baard.php

 St. Jude's Children's Hospital exists to help many sick American children who can't afford health care because of parents' low wages, even with 2-3 incomes/jobs.  http://www.stjude.org/

Here's a good website about American families that shows their slavery:

More & more educated Americans are going homeless because of the wage system, thru NO fault of their own:



USA has the best educated homeless people in the entire world now.







Changes in education:  http://glef.org/

Almost 100 billion pounds of food is wasted in America each year because millions of unemployed SLAVES have no money to BUY it.  http://www.soundvision.com/Info/poor/statistics.asp

And there is no way to distribute the food worldwide with the wage system.

The U.S. Government has killed many people worldwide, but I say corporations have killed far more:  http://www.krysstal.com/democracy_whyusa06.html

Advances in finding cures to cancers & diseases would be faster if there were millions more people able to work on finding them if they weren't starving:  http://www.evms.edu/vpc/docs/cancer-footprints.pdf



IMost people know what huge Beasts corporations have become worldwide:

Mervyns & Target are one & the SAME BEAST.

Sears Roebuck:
not only in merchandising but also owns a great many supplemental manufacturing & financial enterprises; each does much more than mobilize, stock & deliver a wide variety of merchandise. Also insurance. It is also a giant manufacturer & giant transport company.

A&P: described as a vast retail grocery chain, but it also carries a big line of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, household hardware & certain items of clothing (aprons, gloves, etc)

General Motors:
make automobiles at home & abroad. But it also makes giant Diesel locomotives, industrial apparatus, full line of household electrical appliances (refrigerators, stoves, washing & drying machines, dishwashers, etc), airplane motors, earthmoving equipment & a variety of other items, & it can retool & make anything whatever in the electro-mechanical line. It could make airplanes, intercontinental missiles, submarines or space ships.

Ford Motors: also makes household appliances, electronics including TVs. Both own an assortment of underlying material-supplying companies.

W.R. Grace & Co - originally operated ships to Latin America (the Grace Line) but has diversified its activities so that is snow a big chemical & fertilizer producer, banker, Latin American manufacturer, exporter-importer, & oil company. We may ask, what really is its business??

DuPont - a big chemical combine; but also a big manufacturer of synthetic textiles, paints & explosives. It has built nuclear energy plants. It could easily build cities.

IT&T -- owns & operates Aetna Finance Co; the American Universal Life Insurance Co; part of the Great International Life Insurance Co; Hamilton Management Corp & Hamilton Funds, Inc; Avis, Inc; Kellogg Credit Co; the Mackey Telegraph & Cable System; Coolerator Co; Kellogg Switchboard & supply; Kuthe Laboratories Inc; Federal Caribe Inc; Airmatic Systems Corp; Hayes Furnace Mftg & supply; Royal Electric Corp; the telephone system of the Virgin Islands; L.C. Miller Co; Jennings Radio Manufacturing; American Cable & Radio; Alpina Buromaschinen-Werke & Edward Winkler Apparatabau of Germany; a large group of Finnish, French, Swiss & English companies; national Computer products: general Controls Co; ETC. It owns scores of companies throughout Latin America & Europe In almost everything related in any way to using or producing electrical equipment, as well as many companies without the slightest relation to electrical equipment. It is a credit-insurance-investment-electrical equipment-general world communications-transportation-chemical-computer-engineering-general service company. You name it, IT&T does it, almost, so long as it is highly profitable.

Watch "A Civil Action" to see the size of one corporation (W.R. Grace), & the way it kills people rather than clean up their waste.  Many mansions are built on toxic waste sites & it kills people, & makes many others very ill.  http://movies.yahoo.com/shop?d=hv&id=1800322054&cf=info&intl=us

San Francisco --Gump's at the beginning of March 1995 - it was acquired by the marketing conglomerate Hanover Direct, Inc.  (These conglomerates destroy small businesses.)



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