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email me your giant sunflower pictures, information, etc & I will add it to this site.
(above) Row of Bott's Strain sunflowers just t in bloom.  Larger sunflowr in front is a Ripley's Giant Sunflower. NJ 8/12/05.
(above) Picture of a 14+ ft. White Shelled Craven X Bott's Strain variety that I created from a cross that I did last year.  NJ 8/12/05
(above) Picture of two 13+ ft. Richard Hope Giant Single sunflowers.  NJ 8/9/05.
(above) Picture of my wife standing next to a tropical maize variety named Jala  at  over 15 ft. tall.  Taken on 8/12/05.
(left) Jala maize at nearly 17 ft. with a  tassels & ears.  Notice the large ear above the tallest plume of red amaranth..  Taken on 9/1/05