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Welcome to The Purple Music Experience
The welcome-page of The Purple Music Experience A description of ALL The Artist's records. Complete with covers, release dates, chart info, lyrics etc. etc. A COMPLETE collection of The Artist's lyrics. Sorted and in an easy to read form. The links that I find usefull. By no means complete but covering allmost anything you need to know. Information about this site, version history, site map, ME, support, etc. etc. Please send ANY comments to me here. Over 500,000 songs

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Page 'O' the links

    So you wanna step back onto the information-super-highway. Well suit yourself. I have compiled a list of the links that I find the most usefull and informative right here for your convenience. The list could have been a mile long, since The Artist's presence on the net is vast to say the least, these links should answer any question though.


    Love 4 One Another is The official Love Symbol page. It contains a lot of news, links and very cool graphics. Probably the only other site you'll ever need. It now contains all the old Love Symbol sites; Le Grind among others. It is worth trying out, but since it is so huge you'll have to stay there for a while to see the full potential. All the official sites united.

Paisley Park

    This is Paisley Park Studios. The home of Love Symbol in Minnesota. It doesn't really contain any information about Love Symbol or his music, but it is the place Love Symbol works and lives. That is what makes it interesting.
    The fact that it is a beautiful place is also worth mentioning. For owners of Emancipation; There are a lot of pictures in the sleeve form Paisley Park

Warner Brothers

    Warner Brothers is Love Symbol's former record company, the one he fought for many bitter years. It still contains a section just about Love Symbol.


    This is the magazine about everything purple and Prince'ly. It is based in Sweden, but entirely in English. It has tons of information about ANYthing you could possibly want to know about Love Symbol.

Ultimate Band List

    The Ultimate Band List has information on almost any artist in the world. I use it very much myself, and not just for Love Symbol stuff.
    The section about Love Symbol is right here.

Wall of Sound Biography

    This biography is very cool and very up to date. It is done by Wall of Sound, who also updates it frequently, and should definetely be read by any Love Symbol fan.

MTV Gallery

    This is a great collection of news and stories about Love Symbol. It is updated whenever there's news. Brilliant page.

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