Find A Friend


Okay, I am still working on the database for this but basically this is going to be kind of a matchmaker to help people find their ideal Joe Satriani fan to make friends with. Whether you worship the man or simply like one of his songs - the aim of this service is to find you someone with the same views that you can then chat to or email.

While I am sorting out the form that is soon to appear on this page you could be mulling over the following points and therefore making it easier to fill in the form when it appears. So bookmark the index page and come back soon and lets see if we can find the ideal Satch-pal for you!


Points to consider..........

Do you want to contact a male or female?

How much are you into Joe?

How old are you and how old would you like your new friend to be?

What are your favourite songs, albums, solos?

Do you want to contact someone near you or someone who is on the other side of the world?


Remember - come back soon!