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Right then, I'll tell tell you how this works.......

I get sick and tired of searching the internet for MIDI files that I want and then when I finally find them they are useless. They never state whether or not the files are backing tracks or full scores and the sounds are all to pot when you try and play them. It is my aim here to provide the best quality MIDI files that I can and to give you the ones that you want. If you want a MIDI file of your favourite satch song then I will make the MIDI file myself. I have six years of MIDI programming experience (those of you who read about me will understand that I started at thirteen) and I am a Satch fan. When I make the files I am making them for Joe himself because that is what his fans want. That is why I started this page. Because I know that it can be frustrating when there is that one song that you want a file for.

I am going to put up General MIDI files that you can play on your soundcard as tested on my Soundblaster AWE32 card.

I am also going to put up Cubase .ALL files as made on my Korg X5D synthesiser. These will have both GM versions and versions for the X5D for those people who also have the Korg Synth. I will also let you know the program names and instruments used for each track so that you can change sound settings yourself in any sequencing software that you use.

If you have no sequencing software then click here

These files represent my own interpretation of the song and in no way represent any infringement of copyright. They are not intended as substitutes for the artists original work; they are made purely to further the understanding of the musical content.


Speed Of Light

The Feeling

Cubase .ALL files and versions for Korg Synth being worked on! For program number lists please email me


Baroque - in progress - requested by Paul Londer - expected completion date : not too long.....

Circles - in progress - requested by anonymous - just getting started.

Flying In A Blue Dream - requested by BluesmanUK - under way.

Thinking Of You - requested by Luke Dobrzanski - under way

Coming soon!! - Learn how to program MIDI music!